SizzlingSuzai X Nur Fazura

By Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FINALLY!!! i met her several times yet this is my very first time taking a photo with this everly beautiful, Nur Fazura. Oh Gosh my face is definitely looks bigggggerrrrr and yeah imma bit shorter as usual! haha but hey, we again stumbled upon her after the show when she was already taking off her heels and ta-da HAHAHAHHA the height is not really much difference though LOL i know! i know! i should wear a HIGHER heels LOL btw, she is nice, she said "Thank you" after snapping this photo although she was in hurry. i love you more pretty Fazura! till then :)


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  1. She is beautiful, and you are beautiful too, standing confidently before the camera :)


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