Look #190 - Ebru Baju Kurung by #RizalmanForZalora

Ebru baju kurung by RizalmanForZalora / Charles & Keith Shoes

Salam Eidulftri

Finally, here im revealing my 1st Raya ootd! so this is an Ebru Baju Kurung Modern by Rizalman Ibrahim for the Zalora Raya 2015. the fashion show is reported in here. goshhhh finally, gotta chance donning on my most favourite fashion designer's. thanks Zalora for make it happened haha because obviously, i don't afford Rizalman's beforehand. well, this garment is being purchased at RM297. i'd honestly say that its not cheap yet i do satisfy this damage! lol

The material is 100% jersey that would definitely hugging the wearer perfectly or 'imperfectly'! haha as lot of buyers are selling back their items as it might be too 'tight' wrapping on their body, perhaps?? hence, i learned and i am purposely purchased a slightly bigger size as mine here is L. thank gaadddd as everything is just fine yet the length is a bit exceeding my petite height. kain kena lipat 3x !!! LOL LOL LOL

I was actually aiming the blue colour (also got Pink and this Black) yet it was sold out on just few hours after the launching! what i love most about this dress is the gradient pattern (referring to the focal point of those polka dots which highlighting the waist area perfectly!) it definitely slandering one's body. what a brilliant idea! Yes, I prefer to stay simple and easy as we just sat at home on that 1st day of Syawal and welcoming the guest coming in till late at night!

Oh that killer shoes is from Charles & Keith. got it at RM279.90 which again, its quite pricey on my side too yet i don't have a choice when that is the only pair that successfully won my heart and soul! the 4 inch height plus a front platform are given me so much confident. love it to the max!

Photographed by SyazwaniIbrahim and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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