Exclusive Preview : MONKI A/W 2015 is Now Available!

By Tuesday, August 18, 2015 ,

Malou Hat 100 | Edie Anorak Sweat 250 
Alice Vest 280 | Irma Crdigan 280 Johno Dress 150 | Eve Dress 160 | Fia Clutch 120 | Dora Knitted Top 150

 Malou Hat 100 | Gavin Bomber Jacket 300

MONKI Autumn / Winter 2015 

Inspired by the discoveries of travelling, the real version or in one's imagination. From fanny packs to tweedy coats, the fashion brand presents a fully packed style itinerary this autumn. As always, the focus is on telling the story and making it personal using unexpected cuts and details as well as building on interesting materials to inspire fans and customers to do the same.

My personal favourite would goes to the Edie Anorak Sweat! an oversized garments (which suits the skinny very well!), the material is not really thick though very comfortable and undeniably an eye catching piece. love the bold and loud patterns on it. then, that hat is just too perfect for my head and able to act as an instant-fashionable without trying so hard? lol Prices quoted above are in MYR. MONKI is owned by H&M. 

Available now at MONKI outlets | NuSentral | 1Utama | IOI City Putrajaya


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  1. yang sebelah u tu mcm diandra arjunaidi. ke memang dia? huhu

    1. alamak baru baca hehehe xtau sblh mana tp uncle xde diandra d situ hehehe


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