Look #192 - How Deep Is My Purple?

By Tuesday, August 11, 2015 , ,

Unbranded Satin Scarf / Mom's Songket Dress (Top) / Ashh&Annas Mermaid Skirt / Vincci Bag / F21 Ring

Salam Eidulfitri  :)

I have once read that purple colour is not made for my skin tone yet experimenting all shade of hues is always my pleasure. then only i could differentiate which really suits me and which are not! yup the analysis is indeed 80% verified as i found out that besides purple colour doesn't work for me, they are pink, yellow, green and blue which you could rarely see them in my outfit updates. in another word, i always try to avoid them!

However, sometimes it did resulted in a contrast way as showcasing in above look. surprisingly, that purple monochrome looks quite nice though. i found out that it doesn't make me look bad or either 'bigger' haha yet it just doesn't makes me appealing or stands out. well i guess it is? haha let me know what you think about it??

More on the details. undeniably, Ashh&Annas is the best mermaid skirt maker! please see the below cutting which ive never seen at any mermaid skirt before. its hard to explain, will try to zoom in the details sooner or later. thumbs up as they really know how to outline one's figure so it becomes slander and slimmer! this is my first purchase and yeah im looking forward for more. hence, ladies you are highly recommended to visit Ashh&Annas for that 'right' maxi skirt. thanks for reading! :)

Photographed by My Mom


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  1. masam nyewww mukaa tu kak oi.. hehehee..
    Lawa baju akak.. Hee

  2. HAHAHAHHA kan kan piqah///nak cpt mak akk nk blk hahahha tu yg tgkap je lahhhh

  3. nice color huhu. uncle suka warna purple.


  4. skirt mermaid caantik sangat :)


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