Hiking Bukit Cherakah Trail : Fun and Breathtaking

Hey Adventure Seekers!

Last Sunday, at the crack of dawn (6:30 am to be exact), I joined my buddy Megat and a bunch of pals at Central Park in Bandar Alam Suria. Why? Well, we were in for a thrilling time at the IJM Alam Suria Green Trails Adventure.

This half-day trek was all about promoting well-being among the folks in Alam Suria. Whether you were a seasoned hiker or a total newbie, everyone was welcome. Shoutout to IJM Land and Xavier Mah Consultancy for the invite!

Our mission? To explore the beautiful Bukit Cherakah Trails and connect with the local community while enjoying the lush greenery of the area, including the famous Cherakah trails and the scenic Botak Hills. It was a blast! 😄

The day kicked off with a group warm-up session, followed by some energetic zumba moves. Around 7:30 am, we split into our hiking teams. It's always a blast to come together and promote a healthy lifestyle. Plus, hiking is totally my jam, and getting a shot at conquering another peak was beyond exciting!

And let me tell you, the view was the real deal! This hike, while suitable for intermediates, offered a seriously pleasant view of Bandar Alam Suria, all wrapped up in the soft morning fog. We even spotted some hardcore trail runners doing their thing – pretty cool, right?

It was truly heartwarming to see some folks proudly raising the "Jalur Gemilang" along the journey to the peak. That's one of the best things about being Malaysian – witnessing people from all walks of life, different races, and beliefs coming together for a recreational activity that's not just great for our health but also holds a deep meaning.

Living a healthy life should be filled with enjoyable moments and a whole lot of fun!

No doubt, The Green Trail Adventure is just the beginning of a healthier lifestyle and a chance for us local residents to take a refreshing break from our daily routines here in Bandar Alam Suria.  Yep, I'm definitely rounding up my hiking buddies for a repeat!

Where is Bandar Alam Suria ?

IJM Land's vision for Bandar Alam Suria has always been about creating a green and well-thought-out community. It's all about giving residents a peaceful environment while making sure they have access to all the modern conveniences they need for today's living. And, with Bandar Alam Suria sprawling across a vast 1,163 acres, you can bet there's plenty of greenery to go around.

Now, let's talk about the star of the show – IJM Land’s Central Park. This 11-acre beauty, with a cool RM5 million invested in it, is a thoughtful oasis in the heart of the township. It's adorned with more than 500 trees and 1,290 shrubs, making it an absolute gem.

Speaking of gems, Bandar Alam Suria is more than just a township. It's a self-contained paradise with everything you could ask for. There are schools, medical centers, shops, and even a bustling commercial hub with a lovely town square. Plus, it's conveniently close to all the necessities, including Masjid Puncak Alam, UiTM Puncak Alam Campus, Hospital UiTM, and grocery stores like Lotus’s, Econsave, and Jaya Grocer. So, you've got it all right at your doorstep!

What is the Daffodil Residency ?

Right across from Central Park, you'll find Daffodil Residency – the place where comfortable living begins. With prices starting at an affordable RM 340,000 for 850 sq. ft. units featuring three bedrooms and two bathrooms, it's a fantastic value

This 18-storey gem boasts a low-density setup, with only 354 units spread across its spacious 7.88-acre land. Its design is a blend of modern tropical vibes and classic elements, giving it a unique architectural style that's simply inviting

For more information, visit www.alamsuria.com.my or the sales gallery at Bandar Alam Suria.


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