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Salam Ramadhan!

Alhamdulillah today marked the 7th day of Ramadhan. sejujurnya, saya rasakan tahun ni Ramadhan lebih exciting mungkin kerana kita semua tahu yang tiada lagi raya PKP akan diumumkan seperti 2 tahun yang lalu haha namun dalam pada excited nak beraya tu, u guys jangan lah sia-siakan bulan yang mulia ini kerana Allah janjikan setiap kebaikan akan dilipatgandakan pahalanya Masyaallah. so, ayoh tingkatkan ibadahmu sebanyak yang mampu! 

Anyhow, saya nak share satu lagi Ramadhan Buffet yang sempat saya terjah. "Destinasi Rasa Serantau Ramadhan Buffet" yang menjanjikan hidangan "never-ending journey" menjelajah ke setiap negeri di dalam Malaysia. dari Selangor sehingga lah ke negeri di bawah bayu, Sabah! seriously, the moment i stepped into the venue, i was so impressed by the variety choices of the buffet spread, its like "semua ada"!

Yup, that one huge bowl of SUP GEARBOX is all mine and its included in the buffet spread as well! memang puas hati betul menghadap gearbox sorang2 ye haha Basically, the master chefs behind the curtains will be demonstrating their skills by showcasing seven signature dishes – the Seven Wonders of Malaysia

1) Travel to Negeri Sembilan through its spicy Itik Salai Masak Lemak Chilli Padi – smoked duck cooked in a spicy coconut broth

2) Sabah on the wonderful aroma of Manuk Pansuh – chicken cooked in bamboo stalk

3) Perak through the taste of its Rendang Tok Batu Kikir – beef short ribs braised for six hours in coconut gravy and Malay spices

4) Pahang’s Udang Galah Masak Di Raja – cooked with giant river prawns 

5)  AsamMelaka’s Pedas Ekor Lembu – mouth-watering oxtail cooked slowly in a hot and sour broth

6) Johor’s Otak-Otak Lobster – Asian fish mousseline served generously with lobster, wrapped in a banana leaf parcel

7) Selangor’s feast must have, Kambing Bakar – tender spiced lamb roasted over a charcoal fire.

OMG my all-time favorite, the seafood galore and that raw sashimi also included guys! thumbs up as the seafood are all very fresh and i do love the sauces as well. gosh you'd definitely be spoiled by the choices sampai tak tahu lah nak start dari mana dulu haha sabar guys sabar!

so here is the pricing ya guys, tengok date tu betul-betul ya. besides, they also got 2 separate venues with different pricing though promising that the buffet choices is almost the same. HAHA agak complicated di situ!

[Kwee Zeen Resto]

RM128+ Adult | RM64+ Child

(3rd - 10th April 2022 & 25th - 1st May 2022)

RM178+ Adult | RM89+ Child

(11th - 24th April 2022)

[Wau Bulan Ballroom]

RM98+ per pax

(11th to 24th April 2022)

🔥For Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house, Kwee Zeen offers you a delightful feast for the whole family and business associates. Group bookings and open house packages are available from RM108 per adult and RM54 per child in our private function rooms from May 3 to May 8.

🔥For reservations 

Call | 03 2720 6608 |


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