4 FREE Photo Spots of Eiffel Tower Paris


Being in Paris city for few times, i had the chance to explore few photo spots of Eiffel Tower from different angles. undeniably, this iconic and gigantic tower looks absolutely stunning from any angles. im sorry if i sound fanatic HAHA but i do love Paris and i never get tired of coming back.

I would say that the list of locations are typical locations for frequent visitor but hey its totally FREE, open to public all day and comes with an incredible view of the La Tour Eiffel. so specifically to the first timer, save this post!

🗼Eiffel Tower (from the Trocadéro Square)

This is the most famous spot to capture the whole tower! This square comes with a 10,000m2 garden in front of it that linked to the tower. Ops i need to warn you that this place is always pack with crowd during day and night haha yup its almost impossible to get a shot with no people behind. Hence, try to come at the very early morning!

How to go : Easy-peasy take the RER and stop at “Trocadéro station” and ta-da the incredible view is just right in front of you. Then slowly walk towards the Eiffel coz you will bump onto the next spot!

🗼Eiffel Tower (along the Pont d’Iena)

Also known as Jena Bridge. This is the bridge that linked the Trocadero district with the Eiffel. Crossing the Seine River and started operating in 1814 Wow this is what made me fallen in love with Paris because they have lot of ancient architectures and structures yet still steadily operating and looking stunning! This bridge is always packed with pedestrian and vehicles all day long. 

How to go : Its either you walk from up the Tricadero garden towards the tower or from the left bank of the tower. Personally i really love this shot via this bridge!

🗼Eiffel Tower (from Pont De Bir-Hakeim)

Basically there many exists from the RER to reach La Eiffel and one of it and the closest one is this Bir-Hakeim Station. The bridge itself is super stunning but i would talk more about it on separate post ya.

How to go : Stop at the Bir-Hakeim Station and you gonna straightaway see this bridge. Just walk straight towards the bridge instead of the right side (which locate the Eiffel) and get a shot from the bridge before heading to the tower.

🗼Eiffel Tower (from the Galleries Lafayette Paris Haussmann)

Gosh this rooftop overlooking the whole Paris city (and of coz the Eiffel Tower too) is another place you shouldnt be missed because its FREE! Known as “The Terrace at Gallery Lafayette” this place is open to public from 10am to 8pm.

How to go : Simply make your way to this “shopping heaven” The Gallery La Fayette and go up to the 8th floor. The best time to visit is during sunset time 5pm-7pm! I told ya the golden hours up there is super duper stunning!

“Paris is always a good idea”

🇫🇷 Tips to enjoy Paris : as many people claimed they don’t fancy Paris so here is my insight. Paris is absolutely a beautiful, stunning, glamourous and historical city to visit yet some fail to see the beauty of it. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to save and share this post to your family and friends who plan to visit Paris sooner or later.


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