TOGL : A Malaysia's technology company innovated Yippi for social, shopping, tourism, and dining industries

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I just recently know about a company named TOGL Technology Sdn Bhd (TOGL Technology) which was incorporated by Toga Limited as a wholly-owned subsidiary in Malaysia on 26 September 2017. The company commenced development of a social media app for mobile devices called Yippi, programs that help users achieve a healthier lifestyle.

TOGL Technology established a branch office in Taiwan on 28 May 2018 and TOGL Vietnam Company Limited on 11 January 2019, and WGS Discovery Tours & Travel (M) Sdn Bhd, on 24 June 2019, which in turn manages the platform. 

Yippi’s application also focus on mental and physical health through social connections and T-RT is a breakthrough for the app. Incorporated with Toga Resonance Technology (T-RT), which was launched by Toga Limited at the Singapore Fintech Festival, T-RT encodes a series of natural frequencies that resonate with the natural energy frequencies of the human body, neutralizing or protecting the life force field of surrounding environments and users from electromagnetic radiation (EMF) in the generated vibration energy.

TOGL’s Awards

      Achieved ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System 

      Selected for the Prestigious GAIN Program by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) 

      Received the SME100 Awards in 2020 for Malaysia’s Fast-Moving Companies from Business Media International 

      Received the International Innovation Awards 2020 

      Received Golden Bull Award 2020 for outstanding SME 

      Received The BrandLaureate Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) BestBrands e-Branding Awards in ICT, in 2020 

      Received Asis Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards in 2021 for Asis’s Most Promising SMEs 

      Received Golden Bull Awards 2021 for Outstanding Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) through Yippi.  

      Received Asia Responsibly Enterprise Awards in 2021 through Toga Resonance Technology (T-RT) 

This award-winning company first launched the social and communication application Yippi, which doubles as a multifunctional entertainment platform. This provided users with social media, instant messaging, and live-streaming functions and so many other successful innovation under the brand TOGL Technology Sdn Bhd.


TOGL official website :


YIPPI : Social Media Apps

This is a mobile app which acts like a rewards ecosystem. The accumulated reward points can not only be used for the functions within the Yippi app but can also be linked to the systems of Yippi Biz, TopzMall, TogaGo, Eostre, and more. It’s providing users with a brand-new point accumulation experience. 

Rewards points have many uses, including offset utility bills such as water and electricity bills, phone bills, and student loans. They can also be used for Yippi Biz, TopzMall, TogaGo, and more, covering various fields such as catering, online shopping, tourism, entertainment, beauty, and healthcare.

Yippi Social Media:

Official Website:



YIPPI BIZ : Boost Your Sales and Build Brand Loyalty 

Yippi Biz aimed at helping local SMEs boost sales through online advertising and loyalty rewards. As we continue to grow, Yippi Biz is also expanding into new markets, including the SEA region in Q2 2023 and China in Q3 2023.


Yippi Biz program includes an advanced CRM system that allows businesses to track customer data, engage with customers through targeted advertising, and improve customer retention through personalized offers and promotions.

One of the key features of the rewards program is the ability for businesses to place targeted ads within our app, allowing them to reach new customers and increase brand awareness. These ads are highly customizable, ensuring that businesses can tailor their message to their target audience for maximum impact.  

Additionally, customers can spend rewards points (Yipps Points) in Yippi Biz's merchant partners such RedBox, Park 28 Boutique Dining, Freestore, Bottomless and also could redeemed via other platforms; Topzmall E-commerce platform and Togago to book travel tickets/hotels. 

Yippi Biz Social Media:



TOGAGO : Accommodation, Tickets, and Tour Packages Booking

Yippi users can also choose to use their accumulated rewards points to exchange for their dream vacations on TogaGo, which provides a one-stop travel booking service. TogaGo offers customers over 1.4 million exquisite accommodation options worldwide, as well as booking services for train tickets, travel policies, and other queries within China, and exciting tour packages and exclusive discounts. It is definitely the best choice for domestic and international travel planning. 

TogaGo has obtained the permission of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (KPK/LN: 8227 - Immigration, Departure, and Ticketing). Since 2019, TogaGo has also been honored to be a member of the Malaysia International Travel Exhibition (MATTA), Tourism Malaysia, and Malaysia Truly Asia, which is a nationally recognized electronic travel platform. 

TogaGo Social Media:

Official Website:  



TOPZMALL : Shopping at this e-commerce platform

TopzMall is one of the main ways for Yippi users to convert their rewards points into products they love! TopzMall offers a wide range of products, with a total of 23 categories and over 10,000 SKUs, include mobile phones and accessories, watches, health and beauty, baby and toys, groceries and pet supplies, car accessories, women's clothing, women's handbags, women's shoes, men's clothing, men's handbags and wallets, men's shoes, fashion accessories, travel and luggage, games, books and hobbies, home and living, home appliances, computers and accessories, sports and outdoor, games and consoles, cameras and drones, tickets and discount coupons. 

TopzMall is convenient, fast, and secure, providing a platform between buyers and sellers to communicate, transact, and cooperate. Yippi users can also exchange their rewards points for goods, thereby promoting the conversion rate of sellers.

TopzMall Social Media:

Official Website:  



In just a few years of development, TOGL has continued to move towards its vision of "To be the No.1 Social Messaging Super in Southeast Asia". Following this vision, TOGL has planned to expand to Southeast Asia and is making efforts to achieve this goal.  

So, Download the YIPPI Mobile apps now at the Apple store or Google play now!

Have you ever heard about YIPPI ?? Yippi is a social messaging app with a focus on entertainment and security. It’s fast, simple, secure and hey its FREE! or in short, a Social Media platform that will benefit you through a reward points! yup it is not just another SocMed apps but it comes with multiple advantages.


Yippi is a social and communication application developed by TOGL Technology Sdn Bhd. As a super app, Yippi's biggest highlight is the creation of a rewards ecosystem, powered by Yipps rewards points.  Rewards points can not only be used for the functions within the Yippi app but can also be linked to the systems of Yippi Biz, TopzMall, TogaGo, Eostre, and more. It’s providing users with a brand-new point accumulation reward points experience.

Overall, Yippi is a platform that allows us to share our stories, express the ideas, purchase goods, booking travel stuff, and earn reward points to cover back our daily expenses. everything is just one app!


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