FREE Game to kill the Waiting game at the Mamak

Salam Syawal!

How was your Raya so far? mine is a blast Alhamdulillah. ive been busy visiting family, relatives and friends haha almost everyday and i do enjoy it so much. so, i really hope everybody is having fun celebrating this festive too. take it slow and steady as Eidulfitri is being celebrated for 30 days guys.

Anyhow, just wanna share with you on something that i just found HAHA A FREE ONLINE GAME! you know that i always going to mamak store with bunch of friends right? so i was like always need to wait for them to come one by one. so come this one night when i randomly "google" the words "FREE ONLINE SOLITAIRE GAME" and to my surprise, this link popped up!

Waiting game is not a fun thing LOL Waiting game is so boring! And it can be so stressful especially when you are all alone by yourself. I dont know about you but I do always trying my best to ignore the feeling by distracting myself with a “real” game! Haha thank God we always have these 2 crucial things; Smart phone and Internet or Mobile Data.

Honestly, im not yet an advanced Solitaire Game player but i always played this card game whenever we gathered. did you know that this Solitaire Game is actually made for playing alone? its hard for me to explain in here, you actually need to rearrange the cards with descended number on below part and ascending order on above part which started with "A" card.

TBH it so fun because it tested my IQ lol hence, one of the best game to play while waiting alone HAHA and the best part, you don't need a physical cards which can be miserable. try it! yey atleast i found a brilliant solution on how to kill my boring time instead of just scrolling on the Social Media lol

Oh for your information, this FREE ONLINE GAME is not just for a Solitaire Game fan because when you open the link via your desktop this FREE ONLINE GAME link actually offering more options! i know lot of my friends actually are a fan of Sudoku and some other are just simply on a very simple and fun game like "Candy House". so fret not that this web also have this kinda game.

Lets sharpen our game skills and IQ!


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