Travel Guide Taiwan for 5D4N and Struggling with the Bad Weather

Truthfully, Taiwan has not been in my bucketlist! Thanks to the promo flight ticket offered that pushed me to spontaneously gathered my friends and convincing them that traveling to the "Republic of China" is a great idea. HAHA Thank God, they bought by the idea because surprisingly, Taipei city has more to offer than the stinky tofu!

So, we planned our short trip of 5 days and 4 nights staying at the nightlife area called as Ximending. Not to worry as we all know that Taipei is part of a major high-tech industry, hence the public transports are accessible and very convenient too. OK i try my best to make this travel guide as sweet as possible! hopefully, it helps especially to the first timer in Taiwan

haha pinjam gambo sat Dato Izwan na.. our visit just about 3 weeks gap je kot but see the difference!!


OMG please avoid the end of the year. trust me it sucks! HAHA because my visit here was in October. so, i guess thats explaining the super cheap ticket we got LOL but please guys to spend a bit! the raining season in Taiwan was no joke. i clearly remember that it was a heavy raining DAY AND NIGHT OK and if it was not raining, the sky was gloomy. then, resulted in the ugly photos and by the end of the day, i became so lazy to take another photo coz it was a total mess between juggling with the rain and the "try-my-best-to-get-that-perfect-lighting-perfect-shot"

So, to answer the question "BEST TIME to visit Taiwan" is on April, May and June. well if we're not talking about the weather, they also claimed that September, October and November is the best month to visit Taiwan as that time is a low tourist season. HAHA of course lah because the weather is bad LOL so, please guys, its a NO-NO from me yar.


We were lucky back then since we managed to grab the "Air Asia open route" ticket at only RM480! yup its a return ticket as i found nowadays the cheapest is like RM600 plus?! OMG i made a great decision for the first time ever HAHAHA

FYI you may fly direct from KUL to either Taipei or Kaohsiung. Air Asia often offering best deals for these two airports, so it depends on you since you may also enter Taipei from Kaohsiung by taking the THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail) for 3hr 30mnts journey or bus and even the domestic flight are also available. check out the best deal in here - rome2rio


We used the MRT (Taipei Metro) to get around the city and it was like 70% of the whole movement. so, getting the day pass is so convenient! This JOINT TICKET is workable for MRT trains and Buses and also the Taoyuan Airport Metro (Return journey to Taoyuan Airport).

We pick the UNLIMITED 72 hours (3 Days) that cost 600 TND approximately RM82. This ticket is easily assessable at all the ticket counter of MRT station. Tips : Just look for this Day Pass once you arrived at the airport MRT station before you proceed to the city.


Elephant Mountain + Taipei 101

 "This is a recommended spot to get a great shot of Taipei 101 as well as witnessing the whole city. yup, I do feel so regret because not listing this place as a priority!"

We initiated our first night in Taipei by climbing up the Elephant mountain haha and while it was RAINING! LOL roughly the "hiking" took about 15 to 20 minutes only but certain people might find it hard as the steep stairs are quite challenging but I promise you that the view is a buzz-worthy one. it is highly recommended for you to wear comfortable outfits and shoes. oh yar another best part is no entrance fees being charged!

Oi rindu ko Cik Pah! :)

The best time to go up is actually during sunset time but our schedule just too pack, so the only time that we had in order to include this place was that night! HAHA the only good thing is very few people and almost nobody when we reached the peak lol but the bad part is obviously I have no instaworthy photo with the Taipei iconic tower. 

Shifen Old Streets and The Lanterns

"Do you know that Taiwan is so famous with The Sky Lantern Festival? Nah, this annual festival is happening every year in this Pingxi district."

Taiwan's journey won't be completed without visiting the most unique old street in Taiwan called The Shifen district. The train journey took about 2 hours and 30 minutes from the Taipei main station towards the Ruifang station before transiting for another train to Shifen station.

Do you know that Taiwan is so famous with The Sky Lantern Festival? Nah, this annual festival is happening every year in this Pingxi district. Originally, the lanterns were released as to let others know that the town is safe from evil and disease. Nevertheless, visitors can purchase those colorful lanterns and write wishes on it before flying it up to the sky. It was so fascinating to see the whole sky is being scattered with giant lanterns!

Besides lanterns, that old railway is another attraction of Shifen station. You may be surprised that this railway is actually operating! It is just a narrow alley that packed with tourists flocking in the middle of the railway whilst busy snapping picture. M
any stalls selling lanterns, souvenirs and street foods along with it. Despite all this chaos, I love the classic and nostalgic vibe in here.

Still mingling around this area, you may also find the renowned Shifen Waterfalls by just 20 minutes walking from the station. Being welcomed by the gigantic suspension bridge, you need to walk further inside until you see a 20 meter most stunning waterfall in Taiwan. Best known for its nickname "Little Niagra", I was super dumbfounded because it was a heavy raining during my visit! so, the only view that I got is a huge splash of water! HAHA Mission failed LOL

Jiufen - The Mountain Seaside Village

"I reckon that the best time to visit Jiufen is during sunset time because this area is well-known for its outstanding skyline in which I fail to witness. my visit was during the weekend, night time and again it was heavily raining. PERFECT!"

Many places in Taiwan reflect the era under Japanese colonization, hence Jiufen is one of the valid proof. Every corner of each alley is so instagrammable. you may "google" out the Jiufen photo spot as guidance before making your visit because the confusing alleys, steep stairs and havoc crowd are no joke. you may easily get confused and lost. OMG and please expect a superrrrrr crazy crowd especially during the weekend!

Indisputably, A-Mei Tea House is one of the most famous spots. I guess the row of hanging lanterns play the main character. the exterior looks so classic yet very extraordinary! I reckon that the best time to visit Jiufen is during sunset time because this area is well-known for its outstanding skyline in which I fail to witness. my visit was during the weekend, night time and again it was heavily raining. PERFECT! we didn't have a choice as our 5D4N itinerary is already super pack.

so, here are some useful TIPS TO VISIT JIUFEN 

1. please avoid weekend
2. please avoid night time (recommended: sunset time)
3. mark the photo spots prior to your visit ( Pinterest , Instagram , Girl Eat World )
4. forget everything and just enjoy the moment! :)

OMG I still remember on how my friends were already super dehydrated and totally giving up to explore further and leaving me went down looking for the famous staircase (yup another famous Jiuefen photo spot!) haha as result, that was the "best" shot i got by asking a stranger for help! so sad haha yet so grateful as atleast I was there at Jiufen, one of the most astonishing places in Taiwan.

Ximending - Nightlife!

Claiming to be one of the happening nightlife areas in Taipei, Ximending is also known as "Harajuku of Taipei" it is the hub for shopping, fashion, pubs and clubs and with a Japanese influence here and there, such the famous Toilet cafe is here LOL

Well, i do agree that Ximen is a little bit extra as we went into the Starbucks here for our night coffee time and quite surprised to see the 3 floors shop with a beautiful rustic interior HAHA simple things do make us happy. Oh ya since we were always late coming back to our AirBnb, we stumbled upon a late-night market along the pedestrian walk soon after all the shops are closed.

Night Market - Shilin and Raohe Street

Night Market is undeniably one of the tourist attractions in Taiwan but sadly, i didn't enjoy that much due to AGAIN the non-stop RAIN! and that "Stinky Tauhu" HAHA OMG the stinky smell is no joke!! it was all over the market HAHAHA we were successfully visited two of the famous night markets which is the Shilin Night Market and the Raohe Street Night Market but we ended up buying nothing!

I was actually aiming to try on some street foods but ended up hesitating on the Halal part. i have no info on the ingredients used or what type of cooking oil they use to fry the foods. so, we ended up not trying on any and only dining in the Halal Muslim restaurant but please don't be fret, you still have a chance to explore as nah, i found this list "Muslim-friendly Street Foods in Taiwan" only when i back in Malaysia LOL what a waste?!

Wufenpu Shopping District (Taiwan Wholesale Clothing Market)

Photo credit to

OK its time to challenge your bargain skill! this is one of the most famous shopping districts in Taipei especially to those whos hunting for cheap items (read : wholesale items). it is actually an open concept with maze alleys of shops which means once you saw what you love, please go bargain at your best and just buy! HAHA since it is quite easy to get lost and confused.

I suggest you to visit this place at night time since it closes at 11pm and the fact that it is located nearby the Raohe Night Market. so, 2 in 1. well, personally I think the items are interesting whereby mostly is a street style collection from head to toe, young and good quality. you just need to dig and dig and dig. then, the price tags are reasonable and CHEAP but IF ONLY YOU KNOW HOW TO BARGAIN! we were there late at night when almost 80% of the shops already closed their business. so, we thought we gain nothing yet i ended up getting a smart and fashionable enough lol winter coat with a cheap price, sorry not really remember it now but roughly RM80 after converting to Ringgit Malaysia?? haha

Anyhow, please check on this page - BLORG as it described Wufenpu in exquisite details. love it! 

Fulong Beach and the story behind it!

"Well, the highlight of Fulong visit is the 10 minutes bike ride inside the Old Caoling Railway Tunnel until you finally emerge on the great view of the Pacific ocean. unexpectedly, being in Fulong is one of our best memory!"

When people quoted, sometimes a spontaneous plan is much better than a properly planned one, I'd 80% agree to the quote. we're actually wanted to go to the Taroko National Park on the 4th day but something happened and it took almost half of a day, so we thought we should just forget about Taroko and just go somewhere not-to-far from the city. hence, we googled "Attraction 1 hour from Taipei Main Station" then, ta-da Fulong Beach appeared and that Old Caoling Railway Tunnel captivated us to explore.

This Fulong beach is located only 1 hour and 30 minutes from the Taipei Main Station via train. this is the most famous beach in Taiwan and it is actually a popular spot during summer time because of the Sand Sculpture Arts Festival held every year yet during our visit which is in the month of October HAHA everything was shutdown and eventually, we had the beach all by ourselves and that made us so happy! HAHA as said previously, simple things do make us happy

That was actually not the best part, you may rent the motorized bicycle with only 100 TND and cycling around enjoying beautiful coastal Taiwan's natural scenery. well, the highlight of Fulong visit is the 10 minutes bike ride inside the Old Caoling Railway Tunnel until you finally emerge on the great view of the Pacific ocean. unexpectedly, being in Fulong is one of our best memory!

Beitou Hot Spring

Please know that Taiwan is also best known for its hot spring. they have plenty of hot spring recreation areas scattered just around the city. 
we were so lucky as we have plenty of time on this last day before heading to the airport. so, we googled the nearest one from Taipei Main Station (TMS) and Beitou Hot Spring popped up. the fact that it took only 1 hour and 15 minutes from the Taipei Main Station, this is the perfect place to unwind and to be included in our last minute plan!

With no expectation, we left our luggage at the TMS and slowly rode on the train. it was so convenience, once you reached the Beitou Park Station, you can immediately see the signboard that will bring you to the Beitou Hot Spring Museum, yup just follow the lead. many tourists and even the locals love to stay atleast a night at the countless resorts but nevertheless, it is also fit for a Day Trip as the Beitou Public Springs is open to the public. fees is only 40NT per person if you wanna enjoy the natural hot bath.

Please proceed with as he exquisitely described Beitou Hot Spring in details.


Chang's Beef Noodle (Near Ximending)
No. 21, Yanping South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

I still remember that the moment I told my Chinese officemates that I'm going to Taiwan, everybody was like "Hey there's no halal foods! How can you eat?" haha they are so cute ha?! FYI Halal Foods is always not an issue for a traveler though. its not that im not concern, it just that Halal Restaurant is always the next thing after accessible transportation, fit-the-budget accommodation and etc etc.

However, to all my Muslim friends, fret not as Taiwan has well-developed. they have plenty of HALAL restaurants all over the city but yup indeed, its quite hard to find once you get out of Taipei. so, here im sharing one of the Chinese Muslim resto, Chang's Beef Noodle Shop that serves Taiwan's signature dish, the beef noodles. HAHA my friends were NOT expecting the tasteless taste of the soup, so they don't really fancy it whilst im so happy and feel so lucky that i have found this Halal version of Taiwan Beef Noodle. I love it!

Taj Indian Restaurant
No. 1號, Lane 48, Section 4, Shimin Boulevard, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

What i remember from this visit is we were super famished that night as we were just coming back from Shifen which we fail to find any Halal resto there and yup, we haven't eaten anything since morning! yet another thing that i remember the most is the FOODS ARE AMAZING!! They really have the best Indian curry i've ever tasted in my life! HAHA No, im not overreacting, you may ask my travel buddies there!

Plus point, the owner is very friendly and generous. InsyaAllah i'll surely go back to this resto if i've ever revisit Taipei. thanks for the great foods and service guys, I never forget it though it was already 3 years now! haha i pray for your success in business and personal matters too amin :)

Thai Yunus Halal Restaurant
 No. 36, Beining Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105

Another Halal restaurant that we've been to. as written in the resto name, it serves Thailand cuisine and it was a full house during our visit. located at the center of Taipei and the foods are amazing too yet the pricing is quite pricey lah. the restaurant is spacious means that it fit a big group. again, we were so famished on that night too HAHA so, i cannot recall whats my fav dish LOL


this is the busy road on the way to our Airbnb hahaha menggoda sungguh! shopping jangan tak shopping!

Ximending is well-known for its nightlife and pack with the crowd. hence, I intentionally pick this neighborhood since it feels safer during midnight time LOL luckily, the place is great. it was like 5 to 10 minutes walking from the Ximending station. very easy to find and location-wise. HAHA reminder you need to also be wise because you need passing through a massive H&M, Uniqlo, Starbucks and so many shops on both right and left sides before you finally reach the apartment's main door! HAHA Good luck but serious talk, i highly recommended this stay! Check it here Airbnb - 1-4 people in Ximending


Uninterruptedly and interesting, visiting Taiwan is such an eye-opener to me. They have stunning skyscrapers, they also have astonishing old towns and they even have uncountable untouched nature which we fail to visit due to the short period of stay. I' planning to revisit Taiwan since there are so many other places that I've not yet cover and plus point i met a Taiwanese friend in Switzerland last time. HAHA yup, i got enough reasons. HAHA Hey, Taiwan wait yar, I'll be coming back to you.

Thanks for reading. I really hope i've shared enough information and kinda helping you in palnning your next trip. please follow my instagram @SizzlingSuzai for instant update and do check out this hashtag #SizzlingSuzaiXTaiwan for more :)

Last words, i miss and love you my Hot Ladies! Cik Pah, Kak Lina and Kak NCO :')


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