My Backpacking Trip to Southern Thailand

Salam and hey travelers!

Me and my dear Makcik Nanie just done our short trip "covering" the Southern part of Thailand. my original idea was to go up to Bangkok! berangan sangat sis HAHA then, we cut down until Surat Thani which eventually, we ended up with only going to Patthalung. its really impossible guys to travel that far in 4D3N plus-minus this whole plan is a road trip via car and train.

Well, thanks to the promo domestic flight ticket that made us bought a trip from KUL-KBR-KUL haha yup takde kaitan lansung! coz our earlier plan was nothing to do with going into Thailand as the initial aim was to go "Jalan Jalan Cari Makan" around Kota Bharu, Kelantan. LOL but at the last minute, we just wanted to go further since Patthalung is too beautiful to be missed!

ROUTE :  Kolok - Pattani - Songhkla - Patthalung - Hatyai

Our route is the BLUE line starting from Kolok

Basically, here is the whole route starting from Kolok, the border of Malaysia-Thailand up to Patthalung and coming back to kolok. we're coming all the way from Kota Bharu, Kelantan by car, hence we need to go through the immigration to fill-up a form and get a stamp (err like a normal procedure at the airport or during your entering to Singapore via Woodlands)

FYI, there is no train direct from Kolok to Patthalung, you need to take a "Thailand Trains" from Kolok to Hatyai, then take another train from Hatyai to Patthalung (Surat Thani route). you may check on this web for the train schedule and pricing CLICK HERE - Thailand Trains yet lots of people suggest to just Walk-in and purchase.

Su-ngai Kolok

We stayed 1 night in Kolok as our initial planning was to get on an early morning train to Hatyai before proceeding to Patthalung. Anyhow at the last minute, our dear friends who are a Local clan of Kolok insist us just overnight at their home. Omg they are so very kind and they even offer to bring us along the way to Patthalung by car! So, here is how we ended up having a super nice and memorable road trip to Patthalung. Alhamdulillah. Thanks Luqman and Tohaeroh, till i see you both in KL yar.

More about Kolok, im so much keen to share on the foods hunting that was wisely being guided by another friend of us, abe Firdaus Razali hehe hi Bey Piey! He is a local boy from KB in which Kolok is just a second home for him. Haha he successfully made me feel to cepat-cepat comeback to Kolok for that "Sotong bakar tepi stadium" and of course, my utmost favourite that "Miang Pla at Wawa Ikan Bakar" OMG super awesome foods!! Will share more on a separate post yar :)


Shamefully, I've never studied about Pattani nor heard any "good" place in this district before yet Luqman (our Kolok friend cum the tour guide! Hehe) proved that this Masjid Kerisik is definitely worth visiting! We stopped by for a few minutes in here to take some shots and assuredly to admire the whole architecture. 

Masyaallah what a beautiful mosque that Pattani people have?? The raw bricks is actually because this mosque has never been completed since 500 years ago! Meaning to say this is the oldest mosque in Pattani and it's operating guys! The village people use this mosque as the main mosque for jemaah prayers and religious activities. Im totally impressed!


Songkhla has more to offer than the renowned Samila Beach that is famous for its Golden Mermaid statue! This is our next stop before heading to our next destination, Patthalung. Again, Luqman showed me that Songkhla is worth coming and staying atleast 1 night as you could visit several places such the artistic Songkhla Old town, Songkhla Zoo and of course rejoicing a simple picnic at the Samila Beach! 

Other activities are you could try to hop on the ferry going across the lake with your vehicle and last but not least, i recommended you to try their version of Miang Pla and Friend Somtan at a restaurant named "Bang Run Ikan Bakar" sedap giler nak mati! 


This is obviously the highlight of our journey! We finally reached Patthalung after about 11 hours of driving and having that pit-stop from Kolok. Started our day in Patthalung by crossing across the longest bridge in Thailand yet it was a very dark night, hence i fail to capture any photo of it. LOL pergi Google ok haha

We stayed in one of the most beautiful accommodation i've ever been, Varni Homestay that located 10 minutes driving to the Thale Noi Lake. Again, visiting Ban Thale Noi or Thale Noi Lake is a bucketlist checked for every traveler! The feel of being surrounded by REAL lotus is unbelievably amazing. 

No fret as i promise to write more about the Thale Noi Lake and the overall story of Patthalung because it was quite lot of places that we have covered even for just in 2D1N. 

Patthalung Tour Guide
Chaly / Luqman 


The most famous foods heaven among Malaysian! Haha strolling along the Lee Garden road at Hatyai always feels like strolling around the Jalan Masjid India haha because its always super pack with our own people!

This is just another pit-stop before me and makcik Nanie going back to Kolok via train. Haha im the one who insisted to ride on the train because i wanted to experience the train ride and witness the scenery along the way. hey it is totally a different experience with the one towards the Padang Besar tau! The train itself is more classic and old school! Haha but be prepared for 5 hours journey on the flat wooden seat yar 

OK guys, thanks for reading. see you on my next post!


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  1. Kita pun dah pergi Songkla, Pataya, Naratiwat dan juga Golok hehehe..

    1. hahahha giler awk x g lg makan sedap2 kot sana!! bestnye kt blom masuk naratiwat lg rtu x sempat nk singgah sume huhu


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