Look #230 - Like A Boss

Salam and hey fashion conscious!

Its been awhile that i haven't ramble about fashion and #ootd right? haha age factor really affected my routine though. as claimed by my dear friend, we are easier to get tired and sleepy at this age! haha so, please follow my instagram @SizzlingSuzai as i've been updated my look there more frequent compare to here. check this hashtag #SizzlingSuzaiLookbook

By the way, i've never expected that WHITE & GOLD could make a great combo as much as my all-time favorite BLACK & GOLD ! overall, i think this look is so clean and expensive. i've never felt regret getting that gold metallic long sleeve shirt from MONKI because as far as i remember the price tag is only less than RM50 and you can still steal that "like a boss" look! ahaks

Photo by Sabby Prue


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