Throwback to the phenomenon fashion show ever happened in Kuala Lumpur, Dato' Rizalman Ibrahim Raya 2018 collection for ZALORA. indeed, the show gone viral and was being the talk of the town for weeks!

Apart of the stunning and intricate collection of Dato' Rizalman Ibrahim's Bollywood-inspired, high credit should be given to the multi-talented Izara Aishah whos showcasing her hidden talent of dancing to the Bollywood beats. she totally gave her best and therefore, the dancing performance is the BEST part after all, congratulation to both Dato' Rizalman Ibrahim and Izara Aishah !

Here are some of the pieces that caught my eyes.

Available now on ZaloraMY

Photographed by Senigala Production for What So Sizzle Bout Sizzling Suzai?
Hence, the used of any photos above without permission or linked back to this blog is strictly offended. Thanks!


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  1. Meriah nampak event ini di Instagram. Hihi. Suka baju warna merah yang lace tu. Cantik <3


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