10 BEST Look from WOO/FIZIWOO For #FVRAYA2018

WOO/FIZIWOO continues its spirits for Raya with a collection named The Bread Winner.  Taking the setting of pre French Revolution era circa. The Bread Winner collection was inspired by how the shortage of bread among the poor and middle class France has sparked the uprising.

The French Revolution then brought changes in French Society and fashion was also deeply affected. Woman fashion continued to progress towards modernity as a symbolic role during the revolutionary change. Inspired by the women empowerment during that era, Woo/Fiziwoo Eid-Ul- Fitr 2018 collection also focuses on the modern side of women these days with a classic touch through emphasizing the classical silhouette, upholding the Malay tradition of its long kurung precise cutting.

Here my 10 favourite pieces from the collection!

WOO/FIZIWOO main highlights of this collection would be the introduction of asymmetrical peplums, bell sleeves and folds; taken from its main brand FIZIWOO to be adapted into its Ready-To-Wear line. Obviously, this collection runs away from this year’s all-printed fabric trend for Raya 2018.

WOO/FIZIWOO saw its designs named after the capital city of Malaysian states. The reason behind it is to create the togetherness; celebrating Eid-Ul- Fitr no matter where they are in Malaysia. The collection is priced from RM 490.00 to RM 650.00.

WOO/FIZIWOO collection is now available on Fashionvalet.com


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  1. Huwaaaaaa....giler cantik la collection yang ni...harga dia buat berdarah hidung ha....


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