Happy Vacation Malaysian!

Salam PKP Fasa 3!

Just a little update to 'tiup habuk' on this page. HAHA I'd always love to remind myself that this pandemic has once come to this edge, where the covid situation has changed everything. I guess our lives now had definitely turned 300 degrees, totally unbelievable! yup, it has been more than a year that we're living and trying our best to fit with this pandemic situation yet it is still unimaginable. Subhanallah.

Alhamdulillah the world has slowly become better and NORMAL! I'm writing this on 30th September 2021 and thankfully, on tomorrow 1st October 2021, a lot of things will start back in operation such as spa LOL Im badly need a full body massage!! HAHA and more tourist attractions will open its door too. HAHA good move as it will prevent all Malaysian gather in one place LOL the Pulau Langkawi which now already accepting tourists. Even though I do feel so reckless staying at home for the past few months and the vacation mood has been exploded HAHA but its OK, I will just wait for that right moment to come... 

Anyhow, no abd judgement and in fact, im so happy looking at the updates of my friends who already went to Langkawi or any staycations, it feels so good to see because finally, we are back to our life just before January 2020 though with lot of changes. i meant the SOPssssss. Ya Allah you're the greatest, the Al Mighty, I know I'm not a perfect Muslim and even far far away from being a good Muslim, "cure" this world and reward us with a "normal" life.. amin Ya rabb amin.


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