[Review] Annabelle Movie

Annabelle (film)
Released in Malaysia : 1.10.14

Yup, i just came back from watching this and can't wait to share my view upon it. its a 95 minutes in duration and starring by Annabelle Wallis, Word Horton and etc etc. Goshh the guy lead (Horton / Josh) is dem hot. Oh ohh he was just a perfect husband slash a doctor too! thanks for making the movie more interesting LOL

Well, two main reasons that draw me to not missing the premier day; its a Horror movie and its James Wan's! been watching Saw, The Conjuring, Insidious and definitely he is one of my fav director/producer of this kinda movie. oh not to mention, he is originally from Kuching, Malaysia. hmmm..

Thus whenever i go watch his product, i'd always have a high expectation in everything; the plot, the surprise element, the acting, the sounds, the effects? and so on and so forth.

so here are my verdict:


The main idea is trying to tell the history of Annabelle doll. this famous doll is actually a sequence from the box-office, The Conjuring. why and how it becomes a haunted one? so yup its all started when a demon-worshiping couple who lost their sense being murdered at a couple's home of Mia and Josh. the dead lady named Annabelle was fancying the doll before died. err that cultists have conjured an entity which later live in the doll.............thus onward, the plot story is focusing on Mia and her baby Leah being attacked by the evil.

Idk but i find they are too focusing on Mia and Leah instead of the doll? err idk i just felt like c'mon i wanna know more about that creepy doll such where its coming from? why on earth that the evil spirit get into her instead of other dolls (because that home is full with Mia's doll collection)? and hey she was already looks dem creepy before being haunted pun haha LOL


OK some scenes got me surprised and pumped up the adrenaline a bit but hey some other scenes are just too ridiculous. my major problem is with the storage-lift-stairs scene which are just tooooo lame! then, lot of unwanted sounds that just wanna test your level of fear like the spooky steps from the upper level of their apartment which is nothing. the sewing-machine keep on switching on by itself is OK lah yet my favourite scenes are when the kitchen burns and small Annabelle ran onto Mia which you could see in the trailer.


Oh I love the adult Annabelle in white sleeping gown pondering around the house, got goosebumps also yet i HATE the satanic shape with the horns and in black colour which sometimes showing himself. WHAT???! wth, it was totally spoiling my mood! just don't put him lahh leave the Annabelle plays her creepy character, will do. "=.=


I don't wanna brief details about this, will leave the excitement for you. go and watch by yourself but anyhow, here the hint: well we shouldn't follow what the Satan's request lorh. so it kills everything!

OK i am too sleepy now (2:30 am btw) will continue tomorrow should i have any other additional points. as for the ranking, i'd say 3 out 5...thanks for reading and Happy watching peeps!


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  1. hai. saya blogger selekeh datang melawat blogger fashionista. kahkahkah *matila kene sekeh*


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