BeautyOat - Malaysia's #1 Collagen Plus+ Oat Drink

Honestly, a few weeks beforehand i was looking for ANY kinda collagen supplement since my skin is becoming worst and worst and worst. its dark, uneven skin tone and gloomy all the time. huh thank gaddd no pimple is joining the list!

Then, i found this COLLAGEN + OAT drink formula and just started daily having it in this few days. the recommendation is on every morning and at night before bedtime. huhu what i LOVE most about it is the oat contain is helping me to avoid any unnecessary meal before bed! :)

This BeautyOat is actually the first and only Collagen in Malaysia that contains Oats, Marine Collagen, Sakura extract and Pomegranate extract which has been proven to prevent early aging, minimize free-radical damage to body and soothe skin inflammation.

BeautyOat is a good source of nutrients from the finest & natural ingredients, not just only keeps your body healthy, but also keeps your skin glowing. Made from 100% natural ingredients and halal certified. So peeps, Drink to Healthier and Youthful Skin. 

Nah the taste is just my favourite, milky, creamy and that vanilla flavour inside it is making me craving it more and more. well, 1 packet is like the half of the big glass because i don't pour much water. i wanna it to be a bit thicker and please, DO NOT MIX WITH THE HOT WATER as it will kills all the nutrition. err i made this silly mistake for first 2 sachets. ceh, PEMBAZIRAN! LOL 

Oh seriousy i could already feel and forsee the transformation after like 3 days (without skipping the routine!). my skin looks healthier, less redness and more radiant. definitely, will keep on discipline myself to not missing the routine; Morning breakfast and night time before bed!

yup its recommended! insyAllah will get more boxes for myself :)

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Facebook : beautyoatofficial

Phone: +6012 244 4014 / +6012 244 4041

1 box : 18 packets x 30gm

RM 79 (WM)
RM 89 (EM)


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