My #ootd For Upcoming Vacation

Salam and Happy Sunday!

Yeaahhhh i'm fully in the mood of vacation! this FALL collection are definitely an awe-inspiring for me though. yup my next trip would be at a country with a fall season now. heard from my friend that the highest temperature is only 10 degree. Wow can't wait! haha coz this is obviously my first time travelling in a 4 seasons country and outside of Asia!

Well, i am quite struggling doing some preparations on the cost and hahaha the #ootd for that 10 days! i already doubled-up my travel backpack to a 85L size. hopefully, it will not be overloaded soon when i came back from the trip. hehe

OK i need to go and pack! hehe Thanks for visiting peeps. :)


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  1. aaaa that fall collection!
    How lucky you are, wish I could traveling to other country this year XD
    The hardest thing before traveling is packing our (girls) outfits right XD
    Have a wonderful vacation! ♥


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