Malaysia Youth Festival 2010

first and foremost,
thanks a lot for the followers that had spent their time reading my infamous blog..
today it increase to number 5!
heh heh heh i knew it still so0oooo few..
less is just for BEGINNING .. ^_^
thanks guys..

okeyh..lets move on to the EXCITEMENT here
at last i successfully visited the Malaysia YOUTH FESTIVAL 2010
we went there on the last Sunday and
after it was being postponed as my friend had a date the day before..ceh~ was FUN as all the activities are FUN
i like how they set up the entrance
which looks like a RED CARPET for the Malaysia YOUTH MTV AWARD 2010
heh heh heh..i love those stuff..glamour+FLASH+spotlight..
giler GLAMOUR upenyer akuh nih~

guys, first impression is super important okeyh..
now what i experienced during the visit are..teng teng teng

1. they have a lot of booth with lots of FREEBIES!

2. they even have a wall climbing, stage for your to speak out blah blah blah,

3. CLEO booth with the longer waiting line which we give up just after 5 minutes there
(F.Y.I: i am the faithful CLEO READER ok)...have to mention also ar... ^_^

4. a LIVE STAGE performance ( i wanna enjoy this so much but huh its only me... T_T  remember i came with 2 friends) hey, there is

5. the street of ARTS, gather some of the teenage artists here in Malaysia, but i don't really satisfied because this is my INTEREST EVER...arts..and i think they can improve more on the aspect of participation..
hello, WE HAVE A LOT OF TALENTS here..!!!!

6. super cool BIOTHERM street dance competition..the 1st dancer is CUTE!! of coz a KOREAN looks there..heh heh heh

7. yeahhhh..our AIM from the very beginning is the blogshop BAZAAR that promise you the different sense of fashion. it was so hard to decide but in the end i BOUGHT 2 tops,1 belt and 2 scarfs.But then the tops just NOT MY SIZE...warghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
REMINDER:choose the SIZE not the PRICE 
lets change the topic..

8. FINAL FUTSAL TOURNAMENT..but this is not my interest at all..sorry..

9. huhu..just after we've done SHOPPING, they started the preparation for BATTLE BANDS which also i don't have the accompany to sit, stay and singing to gether-gether because my friends...huh FORGET IT!! *sigh*

10. =) lots of STYLO photos had been taken by us..

it was absolutely FUN FUN n FUN as there is a that typical RED CARPET copycat which i extremely acted like a CELEBRITY.. @_@
POSING for a camera is another interest of mine!
hahaha can see how i dressed for that day..very the CHIC and glamorous..

hemm..nothing to say more..lets envy our photos there..
oppss, i think i should THANK A LOT to Syafiqah and AMNI for make it this happened.. ^_^

yahh...three photos of me, my friend and the REAL celebrities..hahhaha XD

1. i always LOVE to watch her on the 8TV QUICKIES, Miss. Rina Omar..!

2. with the FABULOUS NORJUMA, the ex-TV3 celebrity a.k.a ex-IIUM student...aahaakkss

3. the KIERANTO MARCELLO, the HOT FM cool deejay.. ^_^

so, lets us END here
and say HELLO to the  

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  1. Suzaiiii..huhu seronoknyee dia..huuu~ kat youthsays ada promote KFC SNAX..ada mcm-mcm including street wear..hehe..
    Try check and support la dis campaign as well..hehe~


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