Dear John 2010 will said that
i am a moviegoer who LOST in her own world because..
a movie named DEAR JOHN was a history..
now people talk about 'The Prince of Persia' or what-so-ever..
i knew it is quite late for me to post my comments about this film rite now
but i felt like i still have to reveal it all here..STILL

the first word that come to my mind is : DISAPPOINTING!!!
yup, i am so0oo so0o disappointed of this film!
as i was so0oo so0o EXCITED when i watched it PROMO..
yeahh..especially when i knew that Channing Tatum will lead the role plus i loved Amanda Seyfride too..
nevertheless, it was the one of the Best-selling of NICHOLAS SPARK's novels
who wrote the same pure-LOVE-country-story as the box-office
so, i'm very SURE that this will be include in my FAV LOVE STORY list joining the others
such as TITANIC, A Walk To Remember, 10 Things I Hate About You and etc

yes, thats what i assumed..
but when i watched it last 2 weeks.. >.<
( sorry, i am desperately want to watch the PREMIER SHOW but i am just so0o busy )
i found the film was 90% out of my assumptions..
including the ROMANTIC part, the FIRST KISSING scene, the letters, the departure scene when John had to leaves for the army and lot-of-lot BAD scenes...
BAD here means it just DOESN'T WORK!!!

okeyh..i think i should list out the problems of the whole of this movie, which are :

1. The acting is B-class..

- sorry Mr.HOT Channing Tatum, i just feel like you are NOT SUITABLE to play a ROMANTIC role yet! cannot say to much here as he can act like a dead body who fallin' in love because he is an army..but just doesn't work MR.TATUM..

- and amanda i watched you in the 'Jenifer's body' and it was great, but this one..
huh, how can you act like a living body with a dead soul besides the HOTTEST guy there..?!
and the obvious part is when John told her that his father was dead..and her reaction was..
oohhhh..*sorry i am so SHOCK but i just wanted to laugh..*

2. The Chemistry wasn't all!

- i think maybe is not about the acting as both of them had proved their skills of acting in their previous films..
but can't the PRODUCER see that there was not even a single scene that Channing & Amanda was DEEPLY IN LOVE as for the characters supposed to be..?!

3. you guys are not meant to act together!

- this is the BEST SOLUTION for this very BORING movie.. ^_^
why don't we do some experiment here..
the SAME movie with the SAME SCRIPTS and SCENES...but
give those roles to Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams to swiftly play it..
i am sure all those bad commentators in the YOUTUBE
as well as other forums will change their mind..okey including me!

enough here..
hopefully, the producer get what i mean here..
for those who still don't have any idea about DEAR JOHN.. T_T

watch this trailer and you will find it as an AWESOME stereotype love story movie
it looks romantic as the other Nicholas Spark's..and the most is the HOT-HOT channing there
huuuu..tall, TOPLESS, CUTE, handsome and special force ARMY ==> P.E.R.F.E.C.T

now lets spent your time to download the FULL MOVIE here
 download DEAR JOHN movie
and don't forget to watch it and ring me a bell..okeyh.. ^_^ usual out of 5 sparkling stars..
i would say 2...
owhhh okey 1.5 stars...

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