Mount Rajah Expedition

believe it guys..although i gained so much weight  ~_~
but still i'm able to join the hiking-hiking thing
coz the SPIRIT and self-MOTIVATION are important
not your WEIGHT!!!
*sighing of....the fatty suzai*
S.H.E.E.T  as for....  =P

well, actually this is my 2nd time..
know what, the 1st time was Mt. Kinabalu Expedition! was 5 years ago...........

lets story about this and what are the differs between those experiences,
it happened on the last 4th, 5th and 6th of June 2010
and was being organized by the Mahallah Hafsa in collaboration with the Mahallah Siddiq
(now whats that mahal..mahhalah..malah means?!??....just ignore it ^_^)

Friday 4th June, 3 p.m..

We started our journey at the Chamang waterfall, Bentong Pahang.
The '1st and foremost' is we had to climb on the 45 degree climb..arghhh can said 180 degree lol~
now we are already super exhausted.. T_T
then, it was just a straight and some 30 degree walking along the Simpang Balak road
then at 6.30 p.m, we stopped and set up a camp site near the 'entrance of Mt. Rajah'
yeahhh..this is just the very beginning, we don't even enter the mountain yet...ceh~

Saturday 5th June, 10 a.m..

we continued our journey here..climb and climb and climb...
okeyh, it was tiring too but that is what we called a mount climbing expedition.
Nothing too talk about here except the super cool Lata Naning, a river side stop for our launch and Zohor prayer.
There is one part where you can jump and it was very deep down there and guess what? i did it..!!!
hahaha i am always wanted to do such a thing but it was scaryy yeahh scary because you can maybe drown if you are not a good swimmer..heh heh heh well actually i am..but thanks to Abg. Abu, Ajiz, Zuhairi and Daus for being the 'Baywatch' guides there.. ('n_n) 

After about 6 hours journey, we stop at the Kem Batu Hijau
(but the stone is not GREEN at all ^_^)
and again set up the camp site to rest and have some dinner. 

Sunday 6th June, 3 a.m..

now, this is the worst part because we are going to the peak and it was cold and usual we just depends on the torchlight and fortunately we don't have to carry those 'TURTLE Shell' on our back as we left it at the camp site..uuurghhhhhh...
The road is really narrow and the hardcore is..
we have to climb on the huge slippery stones and because of that we are quite late reaching the peak. As we aimed to watch the sunrise there but we reached at the MOUNT RAJAH's peak at 8 a.m. huuuuu...
its last we all are safe here..

* hahaha still want to add here.. ^_^
ME and my friend, cek Syafiqah are the 
'1st' ladies up on the peak and also down the mountain.. @_@
so, after taken some photos sharp at 9 a.m, we descend down from the peak and reached the camp site at 11 a.m.We continued to descent the mountain at 12 p.m and after about 2 stops, we reached the 1st point (still remember lol~), Chamang Waterfall at 6.30 p.m.

it was my aimed to reach down there before dark as my sight isn't too good during the night and alhamdulillah we were able to do so but please don't ask me about my feet. was super pained!!!
* look..we took 3 days to reach the peak and it was just about 7 hours to descent from it...huuuuuuu...

The view from the peak

(even Genting Highlands is there...)
 The differs of Mt. Kinabalu and Mt. Rajah expedition

1. Mt. Kinabalu was prepared with the nice tracks while this Mt. Rajah is a natural killer track, yeahh but still exhausted lol~ as Mt. Kinabalu is 4100m from the sea level while Mt. Rajah is just 1600m.

2.At the Mt. Kinabalu, there are 'nice' toilets plus natural 'mineral water' pipe at every stops before the Gunting Lagadan (2km from the peak) but at the Mt. Rajah you have to find your own strategic toilet behind the big-big stones in the river!

3.Mt. Kinabalu is a heritage +  tourism + commercial mountain where there is a rest house and a restaurant up on the mountain...hahahahha but this Mt. Rajah you have to carry your own 'Rest House' and be a 'caterer' yourself! (hey its FUN ok @_@ coz im not the one who carried those things...hahahahah)

4.well, actually there are a lot-a lot of differs as Mt. Kinabalu is one of Malaysia tourism hotpots while Mt. Rajah is a natural hiker hotpots! so, cannot be compare lol~

      so, i guess this is the end..
      but FYI (stands for For Your Information-lah), 
      my LOVE for hiking is grown too much here as i knew people like K.yanie, Abg. Din, Abg. Bad, Abg. Amir, Abg. lan, pakcik Abu, all the Hafsa's sisters and the Siddiq's Brothers..
      (too much to be mention...sorry guys..k take this-lah muahhhh3x)  ^_^

      " thanks guys and 
      lets climb another mountain in the future ^_^ "

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