Perginye org yg kuSAYANG..

By Wednesday, April 29, 2009 ,


huuu...dis week is a BAD week 4 me..
juz after i came back from d 'holiday'..
i got this really BAD news..about my uncle..
He was really sick n ready 2 b operate..
actually he had a serious heart problem since long time ago.

He didn't married n stay single until his age was 59 dis year..
n he is my mom's elder brother.. n my sis r so0oo close with him..
as he stayed with us when we r in primary school..
n he take care of us as we r his own daughter..
huuuuu...we LOVE him s0ooo MUCH!
n now..

on d last 23rd April 09 about 3 a.m..
He gone n left us here..
n i didn't meet him bout 2 or 3 months as i was at IIUM..
actually just a few days b4 he kept asking my sis..
where am i? n why dun i come back n see him? sad..dissapointed..uh sort of everything!
i cannot make it coz i hv 2 seat 4 my final examination..

i used 2 called him pakcik Abas..

adik sayang pakcik!

biarpun sume yg kt rancang xsempat utk dlaksanakan..

tp adk tau klu pakcik masih ada..

mesti pakcik tunaikan..

sampai skrang adk xcaya..

yg pakcik dh xde..
yg pakcik dh kembali ke rahmatullah..

dan jenazah yg adik pergi tuntut kat hospital kol 4 pagi..

adalah jenazah Abas bin Kasim..

( im crying now.. T_T )

Ya Allah,
jauhkanlah pakcik dari azab kubur..

jauhkanlah pakcik dari
neraka jahanammu..
dekatkanlah pakcik dengan jannatimu..
berikanlah dia peluang utk mencium..
bau wangian syurgamu..

smoga roh pakcik sentiasa tenang..

dan diletakkan bersama org2 yg beriman..


~ Al-Fatihah memories..

me, pakcik n my mom..

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