lookin' at the tittle, already make me felt like..
so, as usual lets talk bout something else..
something that is MORE-more-MORE interesting...

actually i've a desired to make an 'intellectual' blog..
what does it mean? hehheeee..
it means i wanna hv a 2nd blog dat will write 0NLY & only bout..
what is happen around us
coz i dun want it 2 b here...hemm x sesuwei lar..
will tell u everything just bout me..
my music...!

but dunnot know yet when will dis NEW blog will publish?
i cannot do it rite now..coz..
hemm...EXAM lol~
got a lot of things 2 study...
rite now i've 4 core course+'sucker' papers left..!
yup..including Thermo-fluid...huh

rite now..
my current screen...
nice huh? CUTIE-Junsu oppa is also there..
n juz wanna share dis..

i did dis in the new web dat i found in flickr..

dis web is about...picture editing..
it just like
which u can edit ur photo..
n put it in a really-NICE-fun collage..
n lastly DONE..u hv a nice PHOTO album!
but nowadays guys NOTHING is FREE in dis world..
IT IS LIMITED 4 some applications only.. T_T

but try to visit it..k
u will nvr REGRET it hahahaa..

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