fuh..finally i finished my final examination! juz pray dat i'll get a good-good RESULT..
well at least i pass all d papers @_@

wokey..lets change d topic..
but 1st of all sorry 4 not being update here..
bz lol~ hehhee
juz after i get home on 17th April then d next mornin'..
me my sis n her frend (k.naz) went to d Genting Highland
d " City of Entertainment"

i forgot to tell u guys dat..
GENTING is my FAV place in MALAYSIA dats why every 2 years I'll b there!

n this are the photo dat i taken by NEW phone.. >_< " thanks along 4 d new PHONE! LOVE it..."

Genting is HOT!!!

* my FAV extreame game..this is d 2nd time dat day! @_@

* I felt like i'm in London City >_< * my DINNER..

* my ni8 FREE tickets 4 "the Dreamz" show!

* Some breath-taking photos of mine...

4 more..plz Flickr matter hw many times i go there.. still so EXCITED when someone talk bout Genting!
yar..if u wanna know bout Genting..
u cn ask me..
huuuu..will try 2 HELP u guys

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