By Monday, March 23, 2009


d tittle is too much huh...!
aiyooo...manyak TENSION wooo00oo..
i've juz finished my 2nd mid term of THERMO-fluid which is d MOST 'sucker' subject for both manu n mecha engineering student..

dunno why is it s0ooo HARD 2 understand but d most is it is to0ooo HARD almost IMPOSSIBLE to answer all d questions..even u have already memorized all d formulas needed but...hemmm if u didnt understand d concept...sorry guys it will b d SAME!!!!

juz pray i'll pass dis course ya... :}
insyALLAH amin...
btw, now is already 5a.m n class at 9a.m tomorrow well actually bout 4 hours to go...n i got PRESENTATION lol~
x habes2 presentation...BORING Glerr~~~~~~
k will continue next time...

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