13th March 09..juz wanna write something..


3 days to go...hohooo dont want it 2 b happen coz what?coz i will increasing my own..... :D
"Saengil Chuka Hamnida 2 myself"
actually i hv a lot of idea on what should i say here but still dont satisfied with my blog page...hemmmm SKEMA jer...

im still trying my best in exploring the setting of this blogger web...huuuuu could someone plz help me..i wanna change the bcground..
huuuuu....so it will not b so0oo BLANK & BORED!

im already tired n a lil' bit fed up...n i juz scared dat i will feel bored of it..n the next thing i will do is..." JUST FORGET ABOUT dis BLOGGER-BLOGGER things!!!"
aiyooo....cannot like dis larr SUZAI u've just started ur BLOG 2 days ago!
n now u've already GIVE-UP....manyak susah woo ini mcm...

so hw come? plz lar someone thought me k...
whoever..whenever...whereever u r...juz gv me a call at number....tutt tuuttt tutt hahaha " tekan tekan x dapat!"
dey, tambi im SERIOUS k..!

Lastly, im going back 2morrow morning..well actually dis mornin' at what time...no one knows even me, myself n I coz whatever time i'll wake up then i'll be ready 2 go...hahahaha..bye..

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