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<-- Super Junior new album the 3rd album "Sorry Sorry" version A! d version B also..
Super Junior d' Top Korean artist from the SM Town Entertainment company...make a GREAT comeback with the NEW yet STYLO + ala JAPANESES boys style image n come with d s0ooo0oo CATCHY songs..

D 1st song in my playlist which u hear it rite
jeng jeng jeng...
ya larrr... dats SORRY SORRY by Super Junior!
enjoy it....

oppa new look..

d differ of d A n B version are ONLY d COVER of d CD n d PHOTO album inside it! :D
hahaha...but 4 us as d peminat-KIPAS-mati a.k.a Die-Hard-Fan of SuJu oppa, it is TOTALLY a GREAT confusion lol~
hehehe...whether we one 2 buy d A version or d B version heheeee.....or BOTH!!!

n d GREAT-GREAT news gonna GRAB it on dis coming EXCITED although there is 150% potential that i'll spend bout RM150...
rupe2 nyer akuh nih BOROS gak ek...camno nih?
neway, guys atleast..
u should listen to their 1st track 'SORRY SORRY' by Super Junior
i tell u lol! its totally differ with their previous one...
dis sound too good n d MOST is their LIVE performance during MUSIC CORE,,
oppa, u DONE a GREAT-GREAT all of d 13 oppa of mine! >_<

SUPER JUNIOR hwaiting!!!!!!
from Malaysia's ELF...

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