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Salam #StaySafe !

Im writing this on July 2021 and Malaysian, sadly we are still in the 'Lockdown' mode accompanying with the high number of positive Covid cases. yesterday, it was even reach to 9,000 plus cases! this news is extremely disappointing! especially when most of the people already seat at home, wfh like carzy, limit the movement, lock ourselves but the cases seem like far away from reaching the '0' number. HELPLESS.

Anyhow, lets just pray that we can finally reach the 80% vaccinated population which finally will lead to that 'normal' life ameen. so, in the middle of this lockdown, i attended an online short course by MEDISANA presenting their medical device to monitor our well-being at home.

HEALTH MONITORING is equally important in terms of prevention, particularly if the early detection of diseases can reduce suffering and medical costs. The diagnosis and prompt treatment of various diseases can radically improve alternatives for the medical treatment of the patient.

Amidst the lockdown and delays in accessing healthcare, keeping a regular check on one’s health becomes necessary to prevent potential medical emergencies. Thanks to evolving technology, some health devices prove highly useful in easily monitoring the health of your loved ones. Health gadgets are incredible tools as they help people to devise a plan to enhance one’s body and monitor their health progress and in return, people are able to track their health conditions and health improvements.

Health monitoring from home is part of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), which is a new option to seek for medical consultation under the new norm. RPM Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) uses information technology to gather patient data. Patients share their health condition and home monitoring record to the healthcare professionals via digital platform. This could help to ensure the information contained in their health record is accurate, updated and inclusive. Importantly, vital signs information allows healthcare professionals to make accurate assessment”, Dr Wong added.

All you need to do is to take control of your health by having a range of reliable health devices series at home so that you could conduct and monitor your daily body health at your own convenience, and medisana medical gadgets are able to help keep a check on your vital parameters.

Pulse Oximeter

A small equipment that clips onto a person’s finger, pulse oximeter helps in detecting blood oxygen level. In particular, if you have someone having respiratory issues, the device can be of great help. The normal blood oxygen saturation level for someone who is healthy will be around 95–100 per cent.

Blood Pressure Meter

According to a report done by Department of Statistics Malaysia, Ministry of Health, Ischemic Heart Diseases (coronary heart disease) is the No.1 cause of death in Malaysia in 2019. Diabetes, Hypertension and High Cholesterol level are the major Non-Communicative Diseases (NCDs) in Malaysia.


Given the flu season and ongoing pandemic, having a thermometer at home is an essential medical tool. Our temperature reading changes based on where on our body we measure it. We could seek for medical advice in the earlier stage if there are abnormal symptoms associated with fever or hypothermia (low body temperature).

In conjunction with the ‘Health Monitoring Begins from Home’ campaign, medisana will be organizing an online contest to give away COVID CARE TRIO containing 1x Pulse Oximeter, 1x Non-Contact Thermometer and 1x BU535 BP Meter on 3 different months. The contest is starting on 15 July 2021 to 14 August 2021, 15 August 2021 to 14 September 2021 and 15 September 2021 to 14 October 2021.

For more information, please visit

medisana Official Website | (Malaysia) & (Global)

medisana Official Facebook | @MedisanaMy


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  1. Penjagaan kesihatan sangat penting memandangkan sekarang dunia dilanda wabak penyakit covid 19.jadi digalakkan semua pembaca mengamalkan pemakanan yang sihat dan mengambil vitamin sebagai makanan tambahan untuk memastikan kesihatan terjaga ☺️ terima kasih


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