Look #234 - How To Wear The Pajama Shirt

By Sunday, September 15, 2019 ,

Scarf Tudung Ruffle / Voir Top / Uniqlo Pants / Charles&Keith Shoes / Varni Craft Rattan Bag 

Holla ladies!

OMG its really been a while that i haven't shared my #ootd details in here. thanks to VOIR Malaysia for this super cozy and effortlessly cool shirt that i recently purchased at the IOI's branch. if im not mistaken the price tag is RM89 yet i'd say that this is really a buzz-worthy splurge!

Honestly, a long time ago i was so scared wearing white pants. haha i just thought that it doesn't fit my body shape plus-minus it will make me look fatter LOL then, come to this one day when i found this Skinny Slim Straight pants at Uniqlo shop and i tried it on, omg the cutting is so damn perfect!

"When talking about weekend's outfit, these are all in my mind; ultimate comfortable, effortless chic, 
not trying hard but still look polish and absolutely no heels!"

Weekend Wonderer

This look was actually taken on just yesterday when i had a brunch date with my girlfriends at the renowned APW Bangsar. Well, when talking about the weekend's outfit, these are all in my mind; ultimate comfortable, effortless chic, not trying hard but still look polish and absolutely no heels!

Btw, it was honestly a bucketlist checked to dine at the Breakfast Thieves @APW Bangsar, a notable cafe among Instagrammers. haha no wonder lah it is so damn famous as truthfully, all angles are so instagrammable! ok fair and square, the latte is real good too!

How To Wear The Pajama Shirt?

Again, more details about the shirt. this pajama trend actually triggered on the last 2 years ago?? no matter when was it but that was the starting point when you could see the pajama trend raised up and entering the mainstream fashion and quickly joining the runway of those top fashion houses. haha nevertheless, i was struggling to find one and the correct way to style it. Nah finally, i fell in love instantly with this one from VOIR Malaysia, the silky material and the moss green are just too perfect!

So basically, this pajama shirt is a button-down shirt with a sloppy cutting on the sleeves. thats the winning part of this garment as it contributes well to the "effortless" style i've tried to extrude. pair it with your most comfortable pants and shoes and you're done! Oh remember to tone down everything and no accessories required as lets the shirt being the highlight of the show.

Thanks for reading guys, i wish you have a nice long weekend haha because 16th September 2019 (Monday) is a public holiday. Happy birthday Malaysia. please Follow my Instagram @SizzlingSuzai for more instant updates!

Photographed by Sabby Prue


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