Look #234 - 3 Ways of Styling The Red Fringe Shoes

Hey Fashion conscious!

I received this candilicious super eye-catching Tassel Fringe Red Sandal from fsjshoes.com on my office desk and my colleague's first impression was "Where you wanna go wearing this kinda shoes?" HAHA Nah, she just indirectly giving me the idea of writing this post "HOW TO style the Red Fringe Shoes" high credit to her as admittedly, I don't think about that when deciding to purchase this shoes because all I know is that I love it and I just wanna have it!

As a fashion lover, one will look into details or any extra points of a pair of shoe able to extrude. Honestly, this Tassel Fringe Red Sandal caught my attention in a glimpse of eyes once I scrolled down the page fsjshoes.com casually looking for a new pair of shoes.

Bold red colour tick, sensational fringe tick and extra ankle wrap attach with tassels double tick! OMG every detail of this Tassel Fringe Red Sandal is so sexy! the back lace gives you an adjustable fit on how fitted you'd like your shoes to be and that ankle wrap is super convenient as I hate to mess with buckles!

So, here 3 ways of HOW TO STYLE this kinda shoe (read : bold and statement shoes!)

"Keep it Clean" 

Whatever outfit that you have in mind, it needs to be focusing on the shoes! so, here I'm playing safe by keeping both the Top and Bottom part super clean. Opting a white monochromatic outfit always win. then, I purposely paired the shoe with the daring red scarf or else, just opt for a white scarf!

 "Dramatic Queen"

This second look is more dramatic as everything is outstanding, the oversized kimono and the maxi skirt which actually hiding the shoe yet ladies, theres no specific rule in fashion! you wear whatever you wanna wear, be bold, be confident and werk on it! HAHA but yup, obviously I'm still actually matching in the Red shoe with that Red kimono!

"Colour Blocking Never Fail!"

Well, actually the moment I saw this statement sandal, I've already known that the matching outfit should be something that is polished on the bottom part as in the pants or the skirt better be at your ankle length. yup, so that the highlight will still be on the shoes though you're doing colour blocking. Nah, I believe this 3rd look proves it perfectly!

OK Now, tell me which one is your favourite? :)

Photographed by @SizzlingSuzai for What So Sizzle Bout Sizzling Suzai?
Hence, the used of any photos above without permission or linked back to this blog is strictly offended. Thanks!

OMG this design is seriously freaking sexy! no matter is it red, blue or black! HAHA now i feel like getting another pair of Black! Nah fsjshoes.com have more than this, from slide, sandal, kitten heels, sky-high heels to thigh high boots! no fret, they're shipping worldwide. check it out gals :)


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