Look #290 - Lookbook, That 2018 Reflection and Hello 2019

Waffaa scarf / F21 Long Cardigan / Uniqlo Pants / Adidas Shoes / Unbranded Bag from Primark

Salam and Hello!

Wow its been a year (sarcastic lol) that i haven't shared anything related to #ootd ! well, its not that i stopped dressing up or playing with fashion yet it just that i was just super lazy to update this page with something more personal. sorry for that dear followers!

So, here the combination post of all; the lookbook, the reflection and the welcoming post of 2019! haha i decided to just combine it as im super scared that i will pending it further. today is already 20th of January whereby we got just another few days to meet the February 2019. then, out of sudden, its 2020 lalala 


One word best to describe my 2018 is STRUGGLE. i was struggling moving out from a never ending drama!, well finding myself, then getting back on the track and by the end of the year, i was struggling with my financial (which im still facing it lol) ! haha despite all this bad stories i managed to travel to 13 countries !! woohh what a record! haha because normally, i put a target of min 3 countries in a year haha now, this record is exceeding 3x of the usual number. Applause!


huhu It is now becoming another highlight in this reflection. i lost a little sister (from another mother) during the eid mubarak, somewhere in June? she is still 11 years old and know nothing. Allahuakbar, she was even clueless that she is actually diagnosed with brain cancer. the tumor was worst enough to finally submerged her whole brain. that was when finally, my dad found out she passed out in her bedroom. i dont have any words to describe further but our #papajoe was the one who effected the most from this lost.

nevertheless, reminiscing this makes my heart burdened so much thinking about my dad's health condition. he was actually warded for the first time ever! somewhere in September, just few days before i fly to Vietnam. looking at his heartbreaking condition "resting" in the hospital makes me feel that Ya Allah, I AM NOT READY TO LOSE MY PARENTS. Ya Allah, panjangkan lah umur kedua ibu bapaku dan berilah mereka nikmat kesihatan yang sebaiknya amin.. 

Oh yar, despite all this sad stories, we welcome our new family member, Syarifah Arissa Batrisya Bt Syed Abdullah Syaihan who was born in April 2018, just a few weeks before her auntie fly to Europe! OK not really exciting to even talk about this because my sister was in ICU as she faced complication during the delivery. it was actually earlier than the due date and during that time, i was in JB for a site visit! Ya Allah, i couldn't forget how i was so reckless during the whole journey back to Kajang when i heard that she is admitted into ICU. Allahuakbar, i feel like my heart stop beating till i finally reached hospital at 7pm and finally, saw her blinked her eyes! Allahuakbar.. OK im tearing now.. again, ya Allah, I AM NOT READY TO LOSE MY FAMILY yet :'(


Well, i dont really know where to begin as described above, that was what genuinely happening throughout the year. the never ending drama keep on repeating till i guess, somewhere in September, i finally found an OFF button to stop it. yey! congratulation Suzai! haha rolling eyes and go duuuuhhh.. Thank you, Next!


Travel yey! obviously, this is one of the most exciting topic to talk about. again, as mentioned above, ive never imagine myself to be such an extreme traveler when i successfully visiting 13 countries just in the year of 2018! Wow kan?! haha it was actually because i covered 10 countries during my Europe trip in April to May 2018, then, Vietnam tour in September, a short vacay to Bali, Indonesia with my #mamaeton in November and finally, a sponsored Media trip to Belitung Island, Indonesia and also Singapore in December. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. :') #SizzlingSuzaiIsFlying and she will never stop!


haha still doing the same thing for the past 6 years! nothing extra to ramble in here as i eventually, feeling bored and looking for a higher wage since my commitments are increasing day by day. hence, it stressed me out! so, here im struggling looking for a new job! ya Allah murahkan lah rezeki ku dan permudahkanlah segalanya amin.. 


Alhamdulilah, thanks Allah for another age increasing, good health and lovely family members :') a new year, a new beginning and im super excited looking forward to this year. tak pernah i rasa excited macam ni haha coz usually during the new year's night, i will go like feeling super scared and super down but hey, not on the last 1.1.2019 12 am, i feel refreshed and happier! Alhamdulillah 

Oh yar besides, struggling managing my financial, i was also struggling to lose weight. OMG you know the fact right? that the metabolism will reduce in juxtaposition with your age. haha congratulation again Suzai as finally, i decided to AGAIN registered myself into a gym. it was actually already started in November 2018, a contract for 6 months with a target of 10kg loss HAHA well, i guess its getting there but at a very slow pace though i still fail to control my diet! huhu doakan ok i berjaya kurus dan sihat yer.. haha


Money come to mommy! i pray hard that i got a new job with a new wage. oh yar, there is another option if i wanna stick with my current job, looking for part time jobs! admittedly, i have the best boss in the world and im super comfortable to continue working in here but hey, i don't think they can pay me more?? so, i guess, i just need to work my ass out by looking for a PERMANENT part time job. huhu still trying to figure things out and asking around lol so, any vacancy??

Besides, i aim to focus more on this humble page. i really should get back on the track! i know that this blog has been ignored. sorry for that yar. i really hope that i could start writing up my EUROPE travelog and all the other trips as well. OMG it was piled up since 2013 kot haha mampos! on this 2019, i plan to divert my blog more to TRAVEL path instead of fashion and im also aim to start Vlogging! huhu editing all my bunch of videos in the phone and finally put it in Youtube, so that more engagement lor. banyak kerja kan?? please doakan i lebih focus, lebih rajin and lebih berdisiplin dan bersistematik dalam kehidupan yer amin.. haha

Oh yar, sleep early. this is as hard as controlling my diet! HAHA my definition of sleep early is 12am but its even real hard to achieve though. the average time that i went to bed is normally at 2am. well, recently, i do feel the effect of sleeping late on my body's system. sakit gastric lah, sakit kepala lah, sengal-sengal badan lah.. wahh dah tua sungguh ni! so sad haha real sad! so, change Suzai for the sake of your own body kot..

Oh yar and READ MORE BOOKS!!! Tepuk dahi

So, 2019 please be as good as plan. hehe Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey hey. It's Jan 20th now. I hope it is not too late to wish you a happy new year once again!

    I love reading reflection post like this as sometimes I can indirectly relate their stories with mine. Kudos! You have travelled to 13 countries this year (bila la dapat travel / on a same trip together). Sad to read your dad's condition. I hope he's getting better, I mean both of your parents' health condition are getting better by now. InsyaAllah. All in all, I wish you the best for 2019. Moga-moga dapat secure a permanent job and of course, jumpa jodoh. Wops!

    1. amin amin amin.. Woii HAHAHHAHA sempat masuk part jodoh! HAHAHHA same to u partner! i pray for more success for u and ur career and of coz for our planning to go on a trip together will finally realized! amin.. dh blk cepat!! hahaha

  2. WOAHH 13 countries in one year! NICE one kak.. May this year bring all happiness and fortune. Amiin..
    Semoga dimurahkan rezeki. -xoxo


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