Look #284 - You Are My Morning Coffee

By Monday, October 23, 2017 ,

Topshop Sweater / Cotton On Skirt / Victoria Sloane Bag / Unbranded Scarf and Shoes

I always struggle to pick a wiser tittle or at least a little less cheesy for my lookbook post but i ended up fail! haha they were just suddenly popped up out of nowhere. Nah, the "You Are Like My Morning Coffee" is actually coming from the fresh, sweet and vibrant look of this whole outfit. yup A morning coffee is essential in my daily routine, its caffeinating! same goes as you, HAHA got what i meant? lol

Obviously, this is quite juxtaposed with my personal style. indeed, it brings out the feminist in me yet still staying nonchalant with that sneakers. my rule is simple, no heels on weekend. more on the shoes, never did i regret buying it at a flea market in JB with a cost of only RM10. jaw-dropping huh?

Well, everything is repeated except that gorgeous bag. it is a brand new item which i just received it on last week. a local brand called as Victoria Sloane via the trendiest and hottest online fashion store, Fashionvalet.Com More story and details of this lovely Hyde Bag soon on the next post yar. thanks for reading :)

Photographed by SR and Edited by SS


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  1. Respect (admire) betul la individu yang can always stay in style ni. One of them is YOU! Keep it up. Give people inspirations on how to always look presentable. Thumbs up.

    1. alolololo ni nk minta belanja karokss ni HAHAHHA tq pojie!


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