iM4U fm celebrated its 3 great years of fresh music with Betul – Betul Live @ Goodnite Allstarz – Birthday Bash Edition last Saturday. Held at Radio Lobby, iM4U Sentral and “Glow With The Flow” themed setting, Betul – Betul Live @ Goodnite Allstarz shines the spotlight on guest performances by Ali Aiman, Johny Comes Lately and Kidd Santhe.

Betul – Betul Live (BBL) campaign celebrates fresh music through unplugged jamming sessions that not only promotes local talents but also allows the fans to get up – close and personal with their favorite musicians. iM4U fm BBL Series supports and celebrates the authenticity of the local music scene while presenting a different concept of oustide broadcasting.

Betul – Betul Live @ Goodnite AllStarz streaming was also available on social media: Facebook and Instagram (im4ufm); and live streaming on iM4U fm at 107.9 fm in the Klang Valley. Previous sessions have seen Akim and the Majistret, Aizat Amdan, Daiyan Trisha, De Fam, Payung Teduh, Estranged and so many more have rocked the stage with their music sets.

CONGRATULATION iM4U fm !! yup, im one of the listener though i do agree that this radio station is totally different from others since fresher musics are being played and the deejays are freaking cool HAHAHA they're using bahasa rojak wei. so Manglish and so Malaysian!

For more information on iM4U fm’s, log onto Also tune into iM4U fm 107.90 fm in the Klang Valley for the latest updates on the program.


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  1. Sounds like a fresh radio programme to tune in. I like their effort in promoting the local artists and bringing their fans close to their favourite musicians. I'm gonna browse their website to check whether we can stream live or not. Nice. Thanks for sharing this akak fashionista!


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