Nusa Bencana by TARIK JEANS for #KLFWRTW2017

Congratulation Jiman, keep on rocking bro!

Bunga seroja si bunga tanjung, Nusa Bencana lansung ke Deli, 

Rakyat dijaga negara dijunjung, Bukan untuk dijual beli.

This has happened on the 4th day of KLFW 2017. I was invited by Tarik Jeans to witness this 2nd runway collection after their success debut on previous year, KLFW 2016. named as "Nusa Bencana" or "Monsoon 2017", this collection is inspired by an ancient toponym called Suvarṇabhūmi, which means “Land of Gold” in Sanskrit. In old Malay text, it is referred to as “Nusa (land) Kencana (gold)”

Nusa Bencana, is a word play on an imaginary state alienated by the government, populated by rogues, outcasts, immigrants, refugees and those deemed to be estranged from the norm. They have chosen the Dragon to represent Nusa Bencana. Refered to as Nāga in Sanskrit, the word also means ‘deity’ or ‘class of entity’ found in the Indian religions and culture.

Retaining its rock-n-roll spirit, this collection stayed true to the aesthetics of its debut collection last year. A contributing factor is the brand’s close relationship with the country’s music fraternity and its penchant to dress rockstars and activists. Just like rock-n-roll, Nusa Bencana is a flip of the coin. It is not a trend, but a lifestyle and a-state-of-mind. It is a disposition that people, no matter how different they are, are still part of the human race.

As expected, the runway ended with a rock kapak song, "Fantasia Bulan Madu" by a legend rockstar, Amy Search accompanied with staggering and enormous applause by all the guest. i must said, we are damn proud of you guys, Congratulation Tarik Jeans! well. i find those statement tees are slayyyyyy, gonna get one for myself too! Collection is available on the web

Photographed by Syarif Yusof for What So Sizzle Bout Sizzling Suzai?
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