Look #281 - Edgy Denim Style for #KLFWRTW2017 DAY 2

HM crop top and Boots / Denim Jacket borrowed from a friend / Skirt from LazadaMY / Vincci Purse

Obviously, this is not my kinda style and IT IS!! bizarre looking at my ownself! haha but hey i always believe that you need to constantly play with fashion, experimenting all sense of styles and be fun! there is no rule in fashion, enhance your creativity and the most crucial part is to be confident with what you are wearing.

The idea of decking out that denim jacket is because i was attending a local denim brand fashion show on that evening. nothing was on my mind besides that i really need to involve a denim in my outfit, be it a top or bottom. so, as mentioned that jacket is belong to my dear friend since i left my own at my parents's home LOL it is an oversized garment which making it more perfect to be worn as as an off-shoulder flair, effortlessly leave it on one side, unbutton it and up the game with an extra-long sleeves (err by not rolling it!). Surprisingly, i do love the whole outcome!

Now, that preppy asymmetric flounce midi skirt is from Lazada MY, unbranded and of course cheap! cost me only RM35 and im so can't wait to wear it again! super loving the asymmetric cut yet the only flaw is it is an ankle length where as a hijabi, i need to wear a legging inside.

So, let me know what do you think of my new look here? wild enough? should i wear it again? lol or you are just admiring my makeup?? haha because i got a lot of compliments on that! thanks people and yup thanks for reading too :)

Photo by Syarif Yusof


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