Look #277 - RIZALMAN For Zalora 2017

 Close-up to the lace applique detailing on the right side and the overall pleats of the material

OMG Bad tudung day. damn!

Salam Syawal 2017!

HAHA i am aware enough that the festive month already gone on the last few days! yup sorry for the long hiatus as truthfully, i was just not in the mood of blogging since the previous update (which i guess about 1 month ago) LOL OK i really need to push myself harder. yey kemon Suzai! 

Anyhow, let me share with you one of my Raya outfit. Ifni Baju Kurung from RIZALMAN FOR ZALORA 2017. yup again another Rizalman's in my wardrobe! yass! you should know that owning a Rizalman's means so much to me HAHA #DieHardFan detected! LOL

Why Black? its kinda rare to pick black as the colour theme during a festive season but lately i feel so insecure as i gain weight so much. HAHA despite the fact that darker colour help to slimming my body shape yet obviously, black portrays exclusive and classy. ALWAYS.

you should know by now that 2017 means mad of pleats, this dress is highlighted by overall pleats. seriously, it is super comfortable! i don't know how Rizalman did but his 'baju kurung moden' cutting never to fail to make me looks slimmer than the actual me. LOL. so that is one of the reason why i willing to spend on it. :)

Photographed by TiaJamaluddin


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