Beauty : Unboxing ALTHEA Eid Mubarak 2017


Wow its been a long hiatus in here! sorry guys as i was really busy with the raya, works (As usual!), then out of sudden i just came back from Hong Kong (a family trip!), hanging out with my dear friends and yup, my bad i was just being the lazy me who always doesn't have enough sleep lol haha

Yey i just received this beauty box on last few days and can't resist to share with you my latest ALTHEA haul. this time, the total lost is RM212 and it came with a special and lovely eid mubarak box and inside got 'angpow' envelope with a discount code! such a blast one guys, thanks ALTHEA MY! haha yup will shop more and more Kbeauty products via non other than ALTHEA 

Nah, let me show you what i got :)


Omo looking at the super cheap price offered, i can't resist to stock up my 'makeup remover'. this handy and convenient cleansing tissue is one of the compulsory beauty item that i carried everywhere i go! reason is as simple as i need to remove my makeup before performing the solah, so instead of the liquid makeup remover in the bottle that i used at home, this light and travel size pack is more than enough. RM5 for each pack, i actually wanted to purchase 10 or more! lol haha check the item at ALTHEA in here


Oh oh this beauty tool is quite a phenomenon now! this head wools is only RM34, cheap huh but wait before you decided to purchase, HAHA my bad as i misled by the price and description. this is only the HEAD to replace the existing one! yup you need to buy 1 set first that come with the handle click here LOL however, i used it manual first later will buy the set LOL the brush is totally fine and soft and yup, it cleans very well, going deep inside each pores. love it!


I always believe in Innisfree products and ive been using their cushion foundation and real squeeze mask for quite a long period and very satisfy! so, getting one of this Innisfree serum is just perfect! why vitamin C? because it is a rich moisturiser, brighten out our skin, even out the skin tone and keeping your skin looking younger. smell of the tangerine is real strong, its not watery, its sticky but quick dry once applied onto the face. can't wait to see the result soon! RM74 per bottle, check the item at ALTHEA in here


Im truly in love with the pinkish colour of this coral, it looks so natural with my skintone. very easy to apply, smoothly glide on your lips and you got that magnificent and long-lasting finishing. Gosh, i think im gonna get the other shades as well, they have 3 options in total, Magenta Pink and Scalet Orange and RM44 for each. check the item at ALTHEA in here


Just another favourite Kbeauty brand, so far i've been using the Etude House Play 101 pencil and stick contour dua and yup, im so happy with both items. then, i decided to try out their blusher and i also wanted to add more blusher option into my makeup box lol Nah, the shade is quite light for my skintone in which i guess i need a little harder but yey, the packaging is too cute! its travel-friendly. RM40 for this 6g. you may check the item at ALTHEA in here

Thanks ALTHEA for the friendly Eid Mubarak wish. Selamat Hari Raya! Go and check ALTHEA for more products and details :)

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  1. That serum seems interesting! I've been looking for a Vitamin C serum as well yet still not find the right one yet. Looking forward for your feedback soon. XOXO


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