Look #274 - She Poised Herself

By Wednesday, May 31, 2017 ,

Satin Scarf / HM Shirt, Necklace and Boots / Harem Skirt from Jogjakarta / Vincci Purse

You read it correctly, the bottom is a skirt though not a pants! definitely, im wearing a legging inside and pairing it with a boots making the whole outfit looks extra chic with a little attitude of glam rock. well, remember this simple tips, black and gold is always a great combo to execute a glam rock outfit. oh yup thanks also to the glitzy shirt and purse.

"Black and gold is always a great combo to execute a glam rock outfit." 

Gosh that skirt! the draping is to die for! well, it is my love at the first sight when i saw it hanging on the rack at a random clothing shop in Malioboro Road, Jogjakarta during the recent visit. as far as i remember, the price tag is about RM80 and im super in love with it. i've prepared another way to don this skirt, please watch this space yar. Thanks for reading :)


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