Iftar at Mini Bazar Ramadhan FamilyMart MY

Having my iftar at the FamilyMart Nu Sentral
Salam Ramadhan..

It has been half of Ramadhan as today is already 18th Ramadhan and the next 10 days, all Muslims will celebrate the Eidulfitri. Wow time really flies too fast! so, how was your fasting month so far? i wish that it was as blissful as mine. :)

So, here a little sharing on what to get for your iftar on the next 10 days! hehe why not try to head to the FamilyMart Malaysia and devouring over this ready-to-eat foods. the brilliant idea behind this 'Mini Bazaar Ramadhan' is for those who don't have enough time to reach home and cook or even drop by at any bazaar Ramadhan, fret not as you can just dine in at this FamilyMart Malaysia. A nice and cozy dining area has been prepared for eaters. simple and convenient!

Lets salivating over the foods..

trust me all these delectable dishes came from..

this Mni Bazaar! yup there are all chilled foods, awesome huh?!

oh my fav, their curry ayam is a must-try!

some traditional kuih to initiate your iftar

for those who wish to continue their healthy diet routine hehe

they even got lemang! and its seriously delicious like the fresh traditional one

Honestly, i always have this kinda idea that underestimating chilled or instant foods. the taste always fail to get atleast 50% closer to the original one but trust me, excluding this! all the dishes served here surely won't disappoint you. the timeless favourite, chicken curry is my utmost favourite among all. please also taste on their Glutinous rice / Pulut Kuning with the Ayam Masak Merah. Oh yar, their Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis / Anchovies Spicy Sauce is also a must-try one. OK the only lowest mark goes to Kuah Lodeh haha 

Price is affordable and the content is rich. 1 dish / lauk can be shared with a friend, seriously enough for 2 pax. here the price list for your reference, please noted that KLIA2's pricing will be slightly higher :)

Nasi Putih (RM2.20)
Nasi Pulut Kuning (RM3.50) **
Nasi Impit (RM3.50)
Lemang (RM4.00) **
Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis (RM4.90) **
Ayam Masak Merah (RM5.90) **
Ayam Kapitan (RM5.90)
Kari Ayam (RM5.90) **
Rendang Ayam (RM5.90)
Kuah Lodeh (RM5.50)
Nasi Timato Bento (RM8.90)

** Highly Recommended, Serius Sedap!!

feels like family! a memorable gathering with my kesayangan #TeamKaram after like 2 years!

#GengComelComel with Sabby and Susu

#Geng3S with Sabby Syafiqah and Suzai 

#GengKehpam with Pokjie and Kakak Diya cyg

with the other lovely bloggers outside of FamilyMart Nu Sentral. indeed i have so much of fun! :)

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