Look #211 - Dress Like A Princess

Scarf from Waafaa / Uniqlo Shirt / Unbranded Skirt /  HM Necklace / Samsung Gear / Purse from Korea

I have this thought in my mind, the combo of black and gold (or brown) always able to execute exclusivity and chic. i'm not sure if the material would play the similar important role or not but i need to slightly agree with that as well. both satin and chiffon are the best pick!

Clearly that tutu skirt is being repeated over and over again. click here or here if you've forgotten about its previous appearances. FYI i know that i have a 'pear' shape and thats explaining why i always paired a bulky skirt or bottom with a fitted shirt with the aim to balance the whole look. Ok it sounded boring! haha i will try my best to come out with a better idea on the next time yar lol

Then, the necklace and scarf part is definitely one of the highlight in this look. i believe that all the hijabies now aware that we can also wearing a statement necklace by place it on top of the scarf. nah, here is another way to apply the brilliant method.


HAHA Trying too hard to show the purse LOL Ta-da introducing my new item that i bought all the way from Korea. specifically, found it at one of the wholesale mall in Dongdaemun. wholesale in that city doesn't determine that the price tag is cheap because i bought this at approximately RM130 !!! like what was i thinking?? lol thanks for reading anywhere and Have a nice Monday Blues peeps :)

Photographed by HezlyTom and YusfariqIqmal


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  1. Like a doll...kenapa cantik sangat kamu pakai dik...hehhehe cunnnn

    1. lalalala kak nk minta belanja kopi ye???? hehehe tq kak btw :)

  2. Tak tertarik dengan purse pun. tertarik dengan style tudung akak lagi.. selempang selempang pun still nampak gojes! CURLASSS! I sukeee ^__^


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