European-Inspired Menu for Christmas at THE COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf | 051215 | TTDI

“This season, more than any other, is a Season of Joy and CB&TL wants to celebrate it the best way we know how – by sharing the delicious signature taste of premium coffee and tea, mingled with traditional flavours of the Christmas season from various countries in Europe,” said Ms Fiona Rodrigues, Director of Marketing & Development at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia

HO! HO! As Christmas is coming very close, CB&TL inaugurates their special drinks and dishes to dear customers. i was invited to be part of the media and we're having a briefing about their special Christmas menu list and even gotta chance to taste each of it. A great news to all the Coffee Addict, get into the mood with their handcrafted delicious Holiday Classic such the Toffee Nut Latte, Double Chocolate Peppermint Ice Blended and Red Velvet Hot Cocoa.

Cute Little Jolly Breadman RM5.80 per piece
Warm Winter House made from Gingerbread-spiced RM88 / 1.7kg 
A Very rich Scotland's signature, Dundee Fruit Cafe RM95 / 1.6kg
One of my favourite, this 'log' is sold at RM80 / 1kg
A traditional German signature RM38 / 600g

These alluring dishes are just part of the list. please visit the official page of CB&TL for more details. Anyhow, all these delectable sweets are being developed by award-winning Chef Johnny Loh, the festive offerings are a mix of traditional desserts inspired by European classics. Chef Johnny claimed that he maintains the classic ingredient as to hit the right balance that will go well with Malaysian's tastebuds. so that, they will spend a joy-filled season enjoying this delicious traditional spread at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

All are AVAILABLE now until 13 December 2015. enjoy 20% via an online purchase! TnC applied

We're also having an exclusive ginger dough-making workshop conducted by Chef Johnny himself. he shared his expertise and guiding us through the steps for creating the perfect base from which to make gingerbread biscuits a.k.a that Jolly Breadman. we even gotta chance to decorate our own Gingerman at the end. hehe and i name him as MenantuWakJoe !! HAHAHAHA #Kbye

me with ahkak kepam haha Kak Diya
ta-da meet my Gingerman. hehehe sorry for the messy as i don't do baking!
me with my bloggerbuddies K.Diya K.Lily MrJocko K.Nannie K.Ayu
One of the special Christmas flavour, Ice Blended Toffee Nut Latte!
say Hi to my new friend, the bubbly Jacqueline. till then babe :)

In addition, a host of Limited Edition gifts are also available, from Holiday Blends and Coffee Duets to Gift Sets that hope to warm the hearts of all, and they can all be enjoyed in exclusive mugs and tumblers which make wonderful presents too!

Thanks Coffee Bean Malaysia for inviting, i was having so much of fun meeting and mingling with all the other bloggers. guys, for more details, please do visit

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  1. omg cepatnya update blog hahahahaha..tenkiu adik kehpam ajak kopi2..nanti ajak lagi tau hahahahaha...

    1. pantas kan hhehehehhehe xd hal kak nnt jmp lg tau!!!


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