the haunted room who r u?

huh?!? about 1 day n half..
my holiday is going to say "GOODBYE SUZAI!" T_T
warghhhh... gonna start a new semester..
n although it is a SHORT SEM but..
no more HOLIDAY + no more TV + no more MOVIES..
elllehhh..iyer lah tuh.. >_<

k i should talk bout the the tittle up there..
yeahh it is a new THAI HORROR movie..
this is a short review of the film..

# the film Haunted Room, also known in Thai as Kria Nai Hong
(literally means who are you), is based on a true story and
starring veteran television actress Sinjai Plengpanich.
She plays as Nida, a vendor of porn DVDs whose
son has locked himself up in his room for five years to play video games.

#Basically, the story revolves around the people whose lives intertwined with Ton and offers an insight into the psychological condition suffered by Ton. But with so many people curious about Ton and his mysterious lifestyle, it did not take long for someone to cross the line and unleash the horrors that lie within.

#how the thriller and credit it by yourself @_@

As for me,
i think this is not the BEST HORROR movie by THAI production..
coz we all know that..
if you want to get the BEST horror film..
the answer should be a THAI film production!
i would give 3 out 5 for this..huhu.

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