Super Junior SUPERSHOW2 Live in MALAYSIA

hahaaha XD
im so0ooo excited coz finally the SUPERSHOW of the top IDOL group from KOREA was held here in MALAYSIA..
well, actually we (malaysian ELF) have been requested SUPER JUNIOR's concert long time ago but only this year there is an organizer willing to teke the responsible..
warghhhh T_T

guys, if you read about this concert in the paper
it told you that the concert was full of emotional..
coz what?? hahahaha XD
every minute n every second we've been screaming..
yup, me too..!
warghhh till i lost my voice..
deh~ we are the FANATIC FANS of SUPER JUNIOR!

will continue later..
so these are the photo that originally taken by me n my friend!

abg Body guard 'gabak' punyer tag..punyelar 'gabak' pi berdiri tol depan akuh nih dah lar pendek jek..HAMPEHHHH...nyampah teros cam *ngong jek pic stalker tuh!!

They all started Q-ing in the front of the ROCK PIT entrance at 1a.m yesterday..
wahahahahaha soo00oo FANATIC huh?! hehehehe me too..

The ELF here in MALAYSIA..
i madly, crazily wanna that SuJu merchandise (selendang ke pe aku pn xtau name die) but whatever it is i dun get that coz it was sold out... T_T

ni lah MINAH yg HEPPY sendiri histeria xingat lg2 bile nampak CHOI SIWON.. ^_^

these were taken at the Grand Millennium Hotel K.L before the concert.. so0oo EXCITED till the pictures turned out badly...huhu

the OPENING performance..i think it was a 'She Wants it' perf..actually it was medly of bout 4 songs lol~

The introduction of the members..Teukie oppa was given the opening speech..


the SUPER JUNIOR KRY + Sungmin lead the vocal aspect..

the fan gave the KOREA flag to them..yeahh we LOVE SUPER JUNIOR we LOVE KOREAN!!

Sungmin give the best 4 that ni8..but sorry i just can't took my sight out of my lover 4ever SIWONIE oppa, the Hottest Baby KYUHYUN n Bubbly Boy Yesung!! ^_^

guys..u've done a GREAT GREAT GREAT job here..
im really satisfied with the INVESTMENT i did!
hahahaha XD
oppa, come back 4 the next next next SUPERSHOW okeyh..


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  1. Suzaiii~~ nana ni. nak mintak gamba2 masa konsert ni tanpa your watermark bole? for academic purpose only. Please and Thank you???? my email -

  2. oh NANA..SO SO sorry its not mine, its my friend's superb focused cam..huhuu i've just took from her LOL~ hehe


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