Tru Blood Story

By Thursday, January 21, 2010

opps..its not about the hot HBO series 'TRUE BLOOD'
hehhehehe...sorry guys.. >_<
but i do have some story about it..later..emm..
neway, let me tell you 1st my own TRUE BLOOD story..

guys, have you ever donate some yours..
u should experience it least once a lifetime..
coz although you will feel a little bit scared by its 'sharpness'
hahahahha..but as an adult..
c' can rid of it!

so, my advices are :

1. try it, feel it and PROUD of it ^_^
2. when you r ready..don't ever look at the 'tip' of the needle...hehhehe
3. just imagine...your blood will safe someone in the future..huuuu..

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