my 2009 haircut

2009's cut

love the layers

pixie crop

keep it straight & long

okay by looking at the tittle..
u know guys its about hair cut confusions..
emmm...although im wearing a scarf but..
it doesn't mean i don't take a very-good care on my hair!
we shouldn't discuss more bout it >_< but what i wanna tell you here is some good tips before you go to the saloon and transfering your confusion to the hair stylist about what exactly 'look' that you have been dreaming of.. 1. don't cross your legs when you sit on the saloon's chair coz it skew your posture!
yeah...usually we will ask the stylist
" aiyoo, amoi r which style will makes my face more beautiful r? i know lar sekarang pun i dah beautiful tapi mau cantik lagi???"
the amoi will gets too confused so, better you are not crossing you legs that time as the haircut will be uneven once you stand up...believe it or not??!!

2. bring the picture..hey if you want the look as same as the one that you saw in the CLEO Feb, you should show to the stylist coz she/he may gets confuse lor~ i have experienced this one, once i told the 'nyonya' i wanna RIHANNA's haircut and what she gave me is the Chris Brown's haircut!!!!
cehhhh.... ~_~

3. be realistic..
guys..although the haircut are looking so-damn-good on the VICTORIA BECKHAM, it doesn't mean the same-short-bob-haircut will look 'gorgeous' on you too..
so, you have to know your face's shape before you decide to cut that style okay..!
we are not the skinny-yet-stylo V.Beckam...hahahhahaa

4. just ask & believe the hairstylist lar..
hehehhe..this one will work on you don't have to waste your time by searching the internet just for the 'HOT hair styles 2009'
you just have to make yor way to the BEST hair saloon and sit with the UNCROSSED legs and ask the stylist okay??? ^_^

*some hair style tips based on your type of hair:

1. thin and fine hair : keep it short & fluffy
2. medium and coarse hair: no probs, it can handle most styles
3. heavy and thick hair: keep it medium length

therefore, i hope this good advices will help you a little bit as well as me..
hahahhaa...i'm still in searching what style should i choose...
emmm although i love the long-long-hair style but it may be bored huh??

"sometime you need to suprise yourself with the new things coz it help to refresh yor mind, body and soul!!"

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