MAS touchdown


myuuhuuuu...what im doing here?
well actually im one of the WAO VOLUNTEER
yup, I stand for women in Malaysia.. ^_^
but keep that story back for a minute...
coz i wanna tell you guys bout this GREAT great GREAT event!

1st we have a charity booth here by WAO stand for Woman's Aid Organisation!

this is the organization that fight for violence AGAINTS women
here the (further information)
TEL : +603 79575636
: +603 79570636
: +603 79540636

we also have by MAS Airlines..

~where you can go CUTI-CUTI for FREE ^_^
i like dis..hehehe
so..visit yar~

opps, not to forget that we have a small-small bazaar also

they really have a GOOD stuff here
coz i wanna add it for my wardrobe
but huhuhuu...dun bring money lol~
emm..actually the price is just good a.k.a valuable la..

the most important is..

guys..i got a FREE LIVE performance by some indie band&singer
they were really exciting especially the Rashdan Band
hehehe..if im not mistaken lar..
but they hv a NICE NICE NICE song to listen
i gotta be their fan dowh!

so, overall i think this is one good event by MAS
coz at least people got something to do here
in this SKYPARK Terminal Subang

you still hv time dowh..
it is on until 8pm!!!
hurrrrrrryyy up, get up n start ur engine n come to the...

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