huh..in d' end i can post dis 'thing'..
dunno wut is d prob wif my page..enable 4 me 2 publish d' post!
so..here d' story bout my vacation 2 the TIOMAN ISLAND...

Tioman Island is one of the famous island in Malaysia..
It comes with the crystal clear water and breath-taking view.
The island is divided into several beaches, as for me and my friends we've decided to stay in the Air Batang Beach also known as ABC Beach.

We are very lucky as we've got the chalet at NAZRI'S PLACE 1 three days before, where actually if you decided to visit this island, you should plan it at least 1 month before!
here the ph.no :

09-4191375 (for Malaysia)

When talk about the activity you can do here, of coz the first one that comes to my mind is snorkeling since this island is rich with corals and its blue water sea.

So, this is my backpaking budget..
(opps excluded car's fuel+foods..)

Ferry =RM 70
(Mersing Jetty-->Tioman Island-->Mersing Jetty)
Chalet =RM 80 (1 night )
Total =RM 150..

well actually divided by 5 of us =)
it becomes only RM 96.

I think we have enough here..so, lets see the pics of us there!

The look of Nazri's Place 1..the top one is our chalet!

The scenary at the ABC Beach of Tioman Island

The look of the Beach

The Jetty of ABC Beach of Tioman Island

and..these are our PHOTO of speechless-fun ^_^

We are planning to visit Perhentian Island as our next stop!

with cek piqa..

with cek wanie-chan..

with kak ros..

with cek Farhin a.k.a Gedebush!


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