shortsem short story..

By Friday, May 15, 2009 ,


emmm..lastly im taking shortsem coz..
hehe..dont think u guys should know..
hahaha... HAPPY here compare 2 my part-time job
as a CHEF in a fastfood restaurant during d short holiday..
huh..kind of a bad time 4 me..
although i juz work 4 only A DAY!!!
YUP..its ONLY a day!!
should knock me one..
but here it is..

now u hv 2 believe me..
hehehe...i won't go 2 dat restaurant anymore!!!

emm im taking 2 subjects..
yarr we can only take max 6 credit hours lol~
cannot exceed.. so0oo0oo but not so actually..emm FREE..
n now what im doing..?
at 1:30 a.m i was in Asma' student lounge..
emm WiFi lar..wut else..?

juz wanna share dis..
CUTE nyerrrrr...!!!
guys,seriously im not talkin' bout myself!
bout dis one lor~

ala CHOMELnyer..
isnt it?
heehee..k lar..
will continue later..
no more story..

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