mom's day story (late post)

By Saturday, May 16, 2009 ,


huuu...guys should KNOCK me!
coz i forget 2 write bout my mom here..
but i DON'T EVER forget 2 wish my mom..
we (my n my sis) wished her sharp on 12 a.m on 10th MAY lol~

so ithink u guys should KNOCK urself..
especially 4 those who still don't wish yet..
poor ur mom 4 having u as their child..

mom a.k.a MAMA ETON...

"adik SAYANG mama sgt..
sampai xterkire..
thanx 4 everything..
which i knew dat i can't pay it back! "

dat d USUAL sentences i said
when my mom asked me..
ok d story begin like dis..
back to 90s means during my childhood lar..

" dik, do u LOVE me? "
i said..
" i LOVE u so0oo much "
then she asked..
"hw much? "
i answered her...
" as big as our KITCHEN! "..
hahaha really i answered like dat...
coz during dat time i think our kitchen is already big enough larr...
my mom replied..
" its not enough..juz a kitchen's size 4 me? "
" must b as big as our DINING room lar..."
i still dun get d point..
hahaha..guys im juz a kid..emm..a CUTE kid
" no its still not enough! "
now i got d answer..
" ya big as i cannot count it..!"
" why? "
at dis point my mom still dun satisfy..
" coz it is s00ooo0oo BIG until we cannot count it larr! "
my mom juz smiled satisfying..

mama..jgn marah.. pada anakmu yg agak TEMBE ini... hehehe..

me n my MOM, mama ETON!

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