Babbling on the fact that Im still in Malaysia for the past 3 years!

Salam and hey traveler! :)

You should know by now that this year (evethough now is still in March!) marked the 3rd year that i was not traveling like i used to be. OK honest saying that on the last year i did went to Singapore HAHA but i wont consider it as part of my traveling journey coz

first, i went by bus LOL HAHA
2nd, i have been to Singapore before like four times?

Though im so proud of myself as ive finally made my first "solo trip" official. actually my 2nd time was a solo trip too but it was business trip in which i need to attend a meeting but i didnt stay. so the last year trip was like a "proper solo trip" where i stayed for 2 nights. well, hopefully i could able to write a travelog of the trip but as usual it is being pending.

OK back to the topic, just now i actually received a good news regarding on this travel thingy. Alhamdulillah omg finally!! the thing that ive been waiting since years ago has finally happened but it is only gonna be official starting on 1st of April 2023. so now its a time for me to quickly settle all the debts, be stable again, immediately start doing the saving and yup gosh book the flight to LHR!

Ya Allah please ease everything for me amin.


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